As One

Here’s a poem for Valentine’s Day, about my one and only true love. . . the moon! Enjoy 😉


Usually skin
the colour of caramel
is what does it for me

I need a contrast
to my milk-stained tone

but you
with your flesh
of delicate crème fraiche

intoxicates my mind
like no other.

It would be sinful
to want you any other way

it would be a crime
to wish you in any other light,

I think you
are perfection itself

there’s nothing I wouldn’t give

for you to take yourself
your beating, pulsating self

and wrap me in your embrace

until our beings
are beating as one.

I’m almost scared
by how beautiful you are

if you gave me the chance
I would never leave you
I would be your only star,

if you said hold me
and never let go
I would take you with both arms
you would never be alone,

let me be mirrored
in your sparkling, silver eyes

let us be as one
forever reflected
throughout the entire skies.



  1. Wow…great dedication to your love

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  2. avian101

    Beautiful poem Becky! I thank you in the name of the moon, he said “I’ll promise to shine and illuminate upon you all your life, I will also put a sparkle of light in your eyes that will make the firmament have even more stars!”
    Have a beautiful and happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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    • Thank you HJ, for such a lovely comment! Happy belated Valentine’s to you too 😀 x

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  3. Always love your moon poems Becky, and this is no exception. You write with the passion I know you feel. Xx

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  4. This is beautiful Becky, as usual! 🙂

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