Dancing Together

Life has been pretty busy the past few weeks, it’s been non-stop going from one thing to another! My weekends have been taken up for the past month with extra dance classes. I found a local adult ballet class in January which I had been attending once a week and around Easter time my teacher asked if I’d like to be part of a show they put on each summer for charity. I said yes of course!

Red Kite Dance Company and Friends



The performance was called “Dancing Together” by the Red Kite Dance Company and friends, in aid of Carers Bucks and the NSPCC. It was such a great night, I had a fantastic time! I was in two dances as well as a finale piece we learnt together as a group. The dances I was in were called “Rosehips” and “Greensleeves”.

Me with my dance teacher


Some group shots

IMG_4517 Crop



“Rosehips” was a beautiful folk-style dance, which involved dancing with partners – lots of weaving and turning each other round! It was choreographed so anyone of any age and dance ability would be able to learn it. The age range for the performance went from me at twenty years old to an inspirational lady of eighty five years old!

Some of the “Rosehips” dancers


“Greensleeves” was a classical ballet piece, based on some of the history from where I work at the moment, Ashridge. A very cool coincidence! I had a small section where I was dancing on my own, a short adage solo. It was choreographed to a beautiful piece of music, definitely my favourite dance out of the two.

Greensleeves dancers


The finale was a contemporary piece, we danced with partners for half of it and as a group for the other half. It was a really carefree, fun dance, a very fitting tribute for the final performance of the night.

Action shot backstage of the Finale Dance


The last dance class was a few days ago, it was sad saying goodbye to everyone! Even though the people in my class are a lot older than me we still got on really well – I had great friendships with two women in particular.



My favourite dancers!


I may find another dance class when I move to Wales but it won’t be the same as the one here in Hertfordshire. Who knows, we may end up dancing together again in the future. . . 🙂



  1. avian101

    All I can say is: BRAVO! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow Becky there you go again wowing me! 😊 What a great experience for you! And well done, it all sounds wonderful! Xx


    • Thank you Christine! I loved every minute of it. Even though dance isn’t my career it will always be a passion of mine – I love performing on stage 😀 xx


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