The Moon Was Made For Loving

I haven’t posted any poetry for a while, bang goes my resolution of sharing a poem a week. . .!! This piece is called “The Moon Was Made For Loving” – hope you enjoy the read. 🙂


Clouds drift across the slumping valley

they’re the sighs of contentment

which fall from your lips

I too can sleep easy tonight

with your breath a blanket

to soothe me into a lullaby,

my skin shivers

touched by your creamy light

immersed head to toe

whiter than white

on white.

You’re misting round the edges

hazy but still clear


the same effect when you

half-close your eyes

only mine are open

fully open

gazing adoringly at you

in all your splendour

what else would I want to do

on a night like this

except marvel at you

bathing, drinking

every drop of you

if you were a man

I imagine you as one of those suave

sophisticated types

with a smile that could make

every woman buckle at the knees

and eyes which could see straight through

into the innermost desires of the female soul. . .

I feel you know me

better than I know myself

you draw me in

ushering, beckoning

until I need no coaxing

until all I want

is you

until my insides are a raging inferno

an endless fire

you’re the passion for my mind

the fuel for my heart

you’re what inspires me, every time

I’d surrender from this life

and bare myself for you

you were made for loving

how could I not love you?



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  2. avian101

    Lucky guy the Moon! Very nice poem Becky! 🙂


  3. Love this moon poem, Becky!


    • Thank you! 😀 x


      • Hi Becky–I just stopped by to let you know you’re not missing anything at Madwoman; the Private status is because I needed to take a break. Hopefully, I’ll be back in business later on–thanks so much for your interest! God bless you.


      • Thank you for letting me know 🙂 I haven’t had time to catch up on fellow bloggers posts lately, glad to hear I haven’t missed anything. Looking forward to visiting your site again after your break – hope you have a nice time-off! 🙂 x


  4. Absolutely breathtaking BeckaR…I enjoyed the read!


  5. Ah Becky, you and your moon! A gorgeous love poem as always. Your talent for transferring your feelings into words shines through in this one. 😊 xx


    • Thank you very much Christine! It’s a shame I can’t marry him 😉 xx


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