I saw this pair of ducks when I was at college yesterday. I was having lunch so it was rather apt to watch them hunting for theirs too! 🙂

First there’s one. . .



. . . then two!


Dinner Date!

IMG_2654 Crop



  1. Bottoms up!

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  2. avian101

    Real funny! 🙂


  3. Oh great shots Becky! Just wonderful! Xx


  4. They are just too cute with their bums in the air!!

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    • One with his bum in the air was funny, it was hysterical when both of them did it! A pair of cuties! x


  5. These lovely photos make me laugh Becky. I’m surprised you managed to eat your lunch without giggling! What fun!

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    • I did have a hard job concentrating on my food when I had this happening in front of me!! 😉 x


  6. LOL Lots of romance in the air. Synchronized!

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  7. Your last photo should be titled, “Dinner Date”! 🙂

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    • It should! Watch this space 😉 thanks Donna! x


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