NaPoWriMo Day 24 – You

This is another ode to someone special – you know who you are. . . 😉

I want you
to belong to me
and your lips
of soft leather
a slightly rough
to the skin
the more I stare
the more I want
for them
to run coarsely
over my mouth
just so I can
press my own
back into yours
and feel you perspire
taste your excitement
on my tongue
trickle down the back
of my throat
and cause my blood
to pulse faster
and faster.

I want you
to look at me
with your eyes
of enchanting emeralds,
wickedly glittering
until I can’t resist
all I want
is to follow you
to have your fixed gaze
forever haunt my mind
be the shadows
of my own eyes
let them be the key
to my darkest fears
let them release
and disperse
my secrets, woes
let me speak to you
like I’ve never spoken
to anyone

I want you
to hold my face
in your warm
cupped hands
to rub your nose
against mine
your head so close
I can count
each individual eyelash
see your eerily white tone
contrast your hair
blacker than the sky
at midnight
watch the veins beat
beneath your flesh
your sweet
soft flesh
matching the drumming
in my own chest
until our hearts
are synchronised
as one,
you hold me tenderly
and whisper in my ear
with a voice like the calm
after the storm
each word soaked
forever into my soul….

I love you.




  1. avian101

    You got to take a cold shower girl!! Stat! 🙂

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  2. WOWZA! I dare say no more.

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  3. salsachica


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  4. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! If my wife wrote something like this I don’t know what I would do. Flowers wouldnt cut it lol. Maybe a new car :-). Should a married a writer lol lol..

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    • Aw thank you for such a sweet comment! I’m expecting a house after this haha 😉 x


  5. Wow!

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  6. Ooh la la Becky!
    To love and be loved is indeed a special thing. 🙂 you’re special someone is really lucky to have you too!

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    • That is exactly it Donna! “To love and to be loved” something we should never take for granted. I am lucky to have him! Thank you again 😀 xx


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