NaPoWriMo Day 19 – My Mad Moment of Happiness

For day 19 this is a poem about exactly what it says it is – a mad moment of happiness! I love times like this when I feel as carefree as I did when I was a kid – as the saying goes, life is the best drug to get high on. . . 🙂

Warm, rich sunshine
bleaching my soul
immersing all darkness in light
bright, loving light,

damp grass tickling my palms
I lean back and gaze
into the eternal blue sea-scape above.

I see something glinting at me
from the corner of my eye
a little piece of love
left on its own

I place it in my palm and blow gently
letting it drift off and find someone
who needs love in their life.

Throwing my head back
I smile for no reason
wondering if astronauts or aliens up in space
will get a shock when they look across at Earth
and see a row of crooked teeth
sticking out on that vague, invisible island
in the shape of a big grin,

but I don’t mind
joy as plentiful as the laughter in my heart.

Suddenly feeling an urge I can’t control
I turn on my side
and roll over and over down the grassy bank
a giggle escaping from my lips
causing birds to alarmingly twitter,

I land in a dishevelled heap on my back
twigs in my hair but I don’t care
for I feel like a child again

spreading hope, not hate
my thoughts blue, not black,

my fantasies, my visions
my dreams of the world still wonderfully




  1. avian101

    You’re a nice girl full of life! “You are like a red flower bud shy and hesitant to bloom slightly afraid to compete with the beauty of the sun.” 🙂


    • Why thank you HJ 🙂 Your comment is like poetry itself! x



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