NaPoWriMo Day 12 – There’s Only One Moon

This poem is a result of the moon inspiring me again, I wonder if the day will come when I run out of things to say about him. . . let’s hope it never does! I hope you enjoy the read. 🙂

I’m restless tonight
I can’t settle
I have this energy
buzzing inside me

a bit like an itch
I can’t get rid of.

It makes me want to do crazy things
like dance in the dark

who wouldn’t want to spin in the moonlight
the night my stage
clouds parting as if to say
curtain’s up. . .

With the stars as my audience
going on and on
hundreds and thousands
an endless twinkling void

with the moon the biggest
the brightest
of them all.

Shining round and whole
setting the spotlight for me,

what I wouldn’t give
to leap from barefeet

jete across the night sky
silhouetted in his light
as one flowing acre
limbs stretched out as wings
to fly

fly and land in the centre
of his shining, smiling face,

to feel his skin beneath my own flesh
I imagine it would be smooth, soft

there’s life underneath the surface
a heart which beats
as the rhythm of the earth

a soul which sings
as the tune of nature

he’s alive
so very alive.

He puts life
into the world

he gives it
to me, you

I feel it, every night
I breathe it in
I keep it
and let it grow inside me

until I have so much
it spills out
and spirals up
up up and away

nothing can beat
my love, his love
this love
for life,

there’s nothing else which does it like him
for me there’s no comparison
there’s only one moon.




  1. I know how much you love the moon Becky and this gorgeous , passionate poem confirms it! Xx 😊


    • Thank you Christine! The moon will always be my first love! 🙂 xx


  2. Wow Becky! The best moon poem ever! Have you thought about publishing a lunar anthology? I really think you should. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, what a lovely compliment! I hadn’t thought about a moon anthology before, definitely have enough poems to publish one 🙂 thanks for the idea, will have to make that happen one day! X


  3. avian101

    I can hear the song bouncing in my head ” Fly me to the moon” How romantic!
    Very nice poem Becky. 🙂


    • I love that song! Moondance and Moon River are favourites too 🙂 thank you HJ! x


  4. How exuberant! We will never cease to be inspired by the moon, but I feel the poem says more about you – an energy shines through. 🙂


    • Thank you Derek! I agree with you completely, the moon will never stop inspiring me. He is my Red Bull!! x


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