A Poem for Mother’s Day

This is a poem for my mum, who is not just an amazing mother but also a wonderful, kind, caring person too. She’s my mum and my best friend, I don’t know where I would be today without her constant support, guidance and of course love.

Me and Mum

She always says to me “Follow your heart and you won’t go wrong” whenever I’m having a bad day or going through a rough patch I think of her and what she’s taught me. Her belief in me gives me the ability to believe in myself, no matter what.

My mum truly is everything to me, here is a poem I wrote for her called “You Are Everything”. I hope you can relate to it. 🙂

You are everything beautiful

to me

the first break of sunrise

staining the world gold,

the overwhelming perfume of spring flowers

infecting the air we breathe,

the moon on a silent night

releasing all the love in your heart.

You are everything real

to me

the effortless swing

of a swift in full flight,

the rumbling ache

of a thunderstorm gathering pace,

the scorching heat

of a piercing summer sky.

You are everything true

to me

a rose in bud, blooming such a scarlet red

it could rival the desert sun,

a tree in blossom, glowing such a candy floss pink

you can almost taste the sugar on your tongue,

a bird in song, bursting such a joyful chorus

it can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

You are everything

to me

everything beautiful

everything real

everything true

from here

to the ends of the earth,

to the furthest star

in the remotest galaxy,

doesn’t even come close

to how far my love

stretches for you.

Thank you mum

for being all you are

and all you can be,

thank you for being

everything to me.



  1. Oh, this is awesome!


  2. A beautiful tribute from a lucky daughter to a lucky mum!


    • Thank you so much! I am blessed to have a mum like mine 😀 x


  3. Beautiful!


  4. avian101

    I’m sure your Mom must be proud of having such loving daughter. 🙂


    • I’m sure she is – I love making her proud 🙂 thank you HJ! x


  5. Beautiful, beautiful words!


  6. Initiator ;-)

    Awesome poetry for a Mother…May our mothers live long…
    You are pretty not only by face but also by your thoughts. 😉 ..


    • Thank you, for such a sweet comment! Mums are the best 🙂 x


      • Initiator ;-)

        No doubt mums are best and no alternative…!should care her.!


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