Snowdrop Season

This year I have been lucky enough to witness a spectacular snowdrop season, I’m quite sad it’s nearly over! I’ve seen fantastic specimens at Ashridge, the arboretum has been full of wild snowdrops dotted amongst the trees and carpeting the woodland floor in massive clumps. I love having a wander round there after work and seeing the wood become whiter and whiter.







I’ve been on the snowdrop hunt in several different gardens too, such as Waterperry in Oxfordshire. I went there a few weeks ago for their snowdrop weekend and I wasn’t disappointed – it was stunning. At first glance it looked like the ground was covered in snow, that’s how many snowdrops there were!












I visited two other gardens this week, as part of work’s monthly garden visits. We went to Coton Manor in Northamptonshire and Benington Lordship in Hertfordshire. Both were known to have outstanding snowdrop collections, which is the reason we decided to go and see them.

Coton Manor was having its seasonal snowdrop and hellebore fortnight, I loved the whole garden but the woodland walk was just a feast for the eyes! Hellebores, crocus, and of course snowdrops stole the show, I could have stayed there forever enjoying the beauty of it all. 

Coton Manor










Snowdrops and Hellebores


Snowdrops and Crocus


IMG_0235 Crop


Benington Lordship had their snowdrop event happening too, the sight of so many snowdrops took my breath away. The ground was literally smothered in them, like a sheet of white had been placed over the entire garden – it was spectacular!

Benington Lordship










I hope you enjoyed the photos! 🙂



  1. avian101

    You did very nice work Becky! Those flowers are beautiful, I’ve seen them in pictures only. One day I might see them in person. Thanks! 🙂


    • Many thanks HJ! It was a joy to see so many snowdrops this year, and to be able to share the photos too. I hope you can see them for real someday! 😀 x


  2. Mirada

    Oh I truly did enjoy them!! I saved a couple to my desktop in case I can get a couple poems for you–if not, I’ll delete them. Thanks so much–have a great weekend.


    • Thank you! I’d be glad if you did a poem, I will keep an eye out 🙂 thanks again, I hope you had a lovely weekend too! x


  3. These photos are amazing. What part of the world are they in?


    • Thank you! It was amazing to see snowdrops like this 🙂 these photos were taken in England, in Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire – kind of around the London/East area x


  4. What a lovely Snowdrop pilgrimage! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos Becky, I particularly love the Snowdrops with Helibores, just gorgeous! I am taking moments to spend time looking at the Snowdrops, savouring them as they will fade away soon. 🙂


    • Me too! They were at their peak a week or so ago, it’s such a shame they are going over now. Until next year! 🙂 thank you for the lovely comment xx


  5. Oh Becka, they are lovely! I’ve never seen Snowdrops before! I can’t imagine being surrounded by them! The air must have been amazing! 🙂 xx


    • It’s funny but they don’t have a very strong scent! When you get down close to the flowers themselves the fragrance is beautiful though 🙂 snowdrops are one of those wild flowers we tend to take for granted over here, it makes me appreciate them all the more when I realise most people haven’t seen them in the flesh before. Thank you Lea! 😀 xx


  6. Julia

    BEAUTIFUL photos of beautiful snowdrops 🙂

    Do you mind sharing whereabouts in Ashridge was good for snowdrops – I live not far away and would like to see them for myself this year 🙂
    I have and illness which means I can’t wander and wander, hunting for them, so a heads up so I don’t have to expend much energy looking would be fantastic 🙂
    Thanx muchly. X


    • Thank you! 🙂 When I was at Ashridge there were loads of snowdrops in the gardens of the business school. These specimens were in the arboretum, at the end of the tree avenues. Hope you find them! 🙂



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