The Liebster Blog Award. . . again!

Guess what? I have been nominated for the Liebster blog award. . . again! A massive thank you to the very talented Loss For Words, her writing is witty, interesting and incredibly relatable. There is something for everyone on her blog, I highly recommend you check it out!

It still feels like I am new to blogging so to receive this award for the second time really means a lot. 🙂 I have nominated fellow bloggers for the Liebster Award before so I will decline this time but I will answer the questions asked by Loss For Words, of course!

Liebster Blog Award

Q1. Why did you start writing?

A. Because I need to! It’s not just a hobby, it’s a passion and form of expression I genuinely couldn’t be without.

Q2. What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

A. Asides the obvious like oxygen and food(!) it has to be love, in any form. Love for my family, my friends, my job. . . what’s life without love?

Q3. What inspires you to write?

A. Anything! Nature is the main thing which inspires me because I spend most of my time in the great outdoors. People inspire me, even if they don’t know it! Usually it’s something someone’s said or done that’s got me thinking, then writing. Other blogs inspire me too, my favourite bloggers have no idea just how inspirational they are to me.

Q4. What kind of books do you like to read?

A. I am a BIG reader, I collect books! I dip in and out of poetry books constantly, and have several horticultural books on the go too. I always read at the end of the day, it’s my thing to lie in bed and switch off from the rest of the world with a good book. At the moment I’m halfway through “The Adventures of a Real Life Gigolo” by Luke Bradbury. It’s one of those books you can’t put down! 😉

Q5. Name three things that are important to you.

A. Friends, family, plants.

Q6. What keeps you writing?

A. I don’t know! I think it goes back to Q1, writing is something I can’t not do – it’s like I’m addicted. When it starts to become a chore is when I’d stop, because I’d know the passion had gone out of it.

Q7. What’s your favourite movie?

A. Billy Elliot is my all time favourite, however The Sex and the City Movie and The Exorcist are close behind!

Q8. How many pets do you have?

A. I have ten cats! May, Dweezil, Runty, Tiggy, Annice, Fatty Boom Boom, Fudge, Weemo, Toto and Bonnie.

Q9. What’s your favourite dessert?

A. How can I pick just one – I live for dessert! Anything with dark chocolate is a winner, but there’s no beating my mum’s apple crumble with home-made custard. Mmm. . .

Q10. What kind of music do you like?

A. Pretty much anything! If I can dance to it then chances are I’ll like it. I listen to a lot of classical music like Ludovico Einaudi, Edvard Grieg, Andrea Bocelli etc. There’s a lot of cheesy pop on my iPod, as well as some rock and swing jazz too. An eclectic mix!

I hope you enjoyed the Q&A session! 🙂



  1. Oh cool. Ten cats?! I really enjoyed reading your answers, Beckarooney! I can relate well with most of them. Can’t live without writing, nature inspires, people do too. Life really isn’t anything without love. =) And dessertsss<3
    Congratulations on your award! Keep bloggin' awesome!


    • Haha yes, ten cats!! Thanks for the read, glad you enjoyed the answers! 😀 x


  2. avian101

    OMG Becky! You’re becoming a celebrity! Remember I’m your first fan! 🙂 Congrats you deserve the award.


    • I will never forget that HJ, you were my first ever follower too! Thank you for your sweet comment 😀 x


  3. Lovely finding out even MORE about you 🙂


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