I forgot it was Valentine’s Day last week, so to make up for it I thought I would share a poem about someone special. . . that’s all I’m saying! It’s called “Beauty” I hope you enjoy the read. 🙂


Your smile

the curve of the moon

shining, illuminating

lighting my mind

touching my heart.

Your eyes

hold more sparkle

than the stars,

one look, that’s all it takes

for you to knock the breath

straight out of me. . .

Hope as continuous

as the night sky

stretching out, so far

and wide

I see you in the most amazing places

at the most magical times

in the most simplest of things,

you make the world beautiful

you are beauty.



  1. avian101

    Very romantic poem Becky! Did you have a happy Valentine’s Day? 🙂


    • Thank you HJ, nature and romance go hand in hand! February 14th passed by without me realising it was Valentines’ Day, however it was Friday so was good from that point of view! 🙂 x


  2. Oh this is gorgeous Becky! I love it and actually speaks to me much more than all the Valentines tacky stuff!! I know Valentines Day is nice and can also be fun but I just hate how its just a way or big companies to charge outrageous prices knowing that people will succumb! Give me a poem like this any day 😊 xx


    • Thank you Christine, I’m with you on that! I don’t think romance should be kept to just one day of the year, you can show the ones you love how much you care about them whenever you like. I’m glad you could relate to it 😀 xx


  3. Tayyeba

    Beautiful. 🙂


    • Thank you for the comment and follow! Looking forward to seeing more of your work 🙂 x


      • Tayyeba

        The pleasure is all mine.
        Looking forward to see more of your work too. 🙂


      • 😀 x


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