Blog Challenge – Day 7

Time for day 7 of the 10 day blog challenge, here are four things which turn me off! 🙂

10 day blog challenge

1. Bad hygiene – this can range from body odour to foul breath, dirty hands to greasy hair. The list is endless!

2. Bad manners – need I say any more?!

3. Arrogance – having confidence in yourself is great but go too far and it becomes rude and cocky.

4. Fakeness – anything from corny pick-up lines to whopping great lies, pretending to be something you’re not is a guaranteed turn-off.



  1. I cant argue with any of these Becky. I think this would be my list too, though Im a bit past the chat up lines. I still hate them though! 😊 xx


    • Me too, they’re the worst! Glad you agree Christine, thank you for reading and commenting 😀 x


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