Blog Challenge – Day 5

It’s day 5 of the 10 day blog challenge, which means I’m halfway through yay! It’s time for six things I wish I’d never done – this was a hard one for me because I try not to have regrets but here goes: 🙂

10 day blog challenge

1. Any situation where I’ve worried about what others have thought of me or let comments others have made affect my confidence.

2. Any time I upset my family.

3. Any time I upset my friends.

4. Not having enough confidence when I was younger.

5. Getting involved with the wrong crowd of people when I was younger.

6. Going out with my ex-boyfriend. I’m sure we’ve all wished that at some point!



  1. We should all have a past with lots of thing we ought not to have done. 🙂


    • Definitely! Glad you agree, thank you 🙂 x


  2. Very interesting ones Becky, and I think we have all regretted most of these, I know I have. 😊 Xx


    • Exactly! I’m glad you can relate to these ones Christine 🙂 thank you for the read and comment Xx


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