Blog Challenge – Day 3

It’s day 3 of the 10 day blog challenge, time for me to let you know eight ways to win my heart – guys I hope you’re paying attention!

10 day blog challenge

1. Being a gentleman. Nothing touches me more than someone who opens a door, pulls out a chair, walks me home and just has good manners in general.

2. Listening and paying attention. Or at least acting as if you are!

3. Remembering the small things. How I like my coffee, my parents’ names, favourite TV programmes, etc. In the end they always make up the big things.

4. Being caring and understanding. Treating me like I have the plague when I’m on my period is a prime example of what not to do. . .

5. Making me laugh. Having a great sense of humour is a winner!

6. Showing an interest in what I like or am passionate about, even if it bores you to death.

7. Hugging or kissing me in front of your friends. It’s as brave as shouting “damn I love you!!” in public.

8. Giving me chocolate or flowers, or both! The easiest way to win my heart. 😉



  1. “Here, here” to all of these!! Especially for me, the listening! This is so important. A wonderful list and I hope someone will tick all the boxes for you! 😊 Xx


    • Thank you so much for commenting Christine, I’m glad you agree! It’s all the things that are taken for granted that are the most important 🙂 I hope I find someone like this too, one day! x


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