No Sleep Tonight

I wrote this last night, thanks to my biggest inspiration of all – the moon. It’s called “No Sleep Tonight” hope you enjoy. 🙂

The moon

Dreams feel reachable tonight

the moon seems closer

than ever before

and the stars appear bigger

instead of distant and small.

A cloudy, grey day

has turned into a clear

pristine night,

from the moment the sun went down

and the sky blazed red

I knew tonight would be magical

mysterious, mesmerizing, amazing

all words which need to be felt

not just said.

How could I spend tonight sleeping

when I can spend it night watching,

moon gazing

and star spotting. . .

It gets me every time

I don’t know why,

I pad around all day

with a restless energy

until someone draws the curtains

the darkest ones in the universe

belonging to the night itself

then the adrenalin starts rushes

my heart starts dancing

my soul starts singing.

Breathe in the freshness

the cool, autumn night air

flesh absorbing the creamy light

my skin feels moon-kissed

tingling, goose-bumping.

They’ll be no sleep tonight

not when I can be awake

never have I felt so energised, ecstatic

high on the night. . .



  1. Another of your great observations, and reflections Becky. I love how you say the words need to be felt,not just said 😊 And you definitely fel these words!



    • Thank you Christine, that is exactly how I hoped this poem would come across! Glad you like it 😀 x


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