Autumn at Ashridge

Here is a collection of photos I’ve taken from the past few weeks at Ashridge. The main stars of the show are the Liquidambars and Acer trees, I am in love with them at the moment! I hope you enjoy the shots. 🙂

Liquidambar avenue

Liquidambar avenue


Lime tree walkway (Tilia) 

Lime tree walkway

Small Acer tree

Small Acer tree

Liquidambars again

Liquidambar styraciflua

Acer trees in the Lazell Garden

Acer trees

Acer trees against the sky

Acer trees

Acer trees

More shots of the Acers in the Lazell Garden Acer trees

Acer trees

Acer trees

Acers again



  1. avian101

    Beautiful trees and lovely Autumn colors! You’re a good photographer Becky! 🙂


    • I’m glad you like the photos HJ and thank you for the kind compliment! 🙂 x


  2. Oh Becky these photos are stunning! How lovely to be among all of this. I have tried to pick a favourite photo but I cant! So I will just enjoy them all equally 😊 xx


    • It is wonderful working here every day, being surrounded by all of the natural beauty. So glad you enjoyed this post, thank you Christine! 🙂 x


  3. Thanks for the pictures. I love autumn leaves. In fact, I missed them when I lived in Los Angeles. And then I took a trip to Washington DC in the fall and took more pictures of the leaves than anything else.


    • I can’t imagine missing autumn, it just makes the world come alive! Thank you very much for the read and comment 😀 x


  4. I loved seeing all the fall color. Your photos were lovely.

    I’ve been taking photos of Acer flowers where I live:


  5. Wow your flickr photos are gorgeous! I love your photography so for you to like mine is a lovely compliment, thank you 😀 x


  6. Mirada

    Look at all that RED, Glorious!!


    • Thank you! Ashridge looks spectacular in autumn 😀 x



  1. Autumn at Ashridge | Life of a Plant Lover

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