The Start of NaBloPoMo!

I found out tonight that National Blog Posting Month is here – I’m only a few days late! It’s basically a challenge which involves sharing a post every day for the whole of November, see for all the details. My first post is a poem I wrote about Ashridge, “A Place Called Home”. I think the title speaks for itself. . . hope you enjoy. 🙂

Liquidambar tree avenue at Ashridge

 The wind blows

a gentle breeze

causing all the leaves

on all the trees

to rustle

as if whispering

shhh. . .

It’s a place

where I can hear my thoughts

so still, so silent

like it’s been preserved in time.

A hidden gem, tucked away

nestled into the very heart of England,

I can almost see people sweeping past

in a horse-drawn carriage

along the never-ending vistas

towards the seven hundred year old house. . .

It’s kept its heritage, its history

and retained the magic, the mystery

it has a unique presence, an energy

which can be felt instantly

it’s as if I’m in a different world entirely

with woodland as my back garden

trees stretching upwards

like they’re reaching for the heavens,

deer half hidden in the shadows

stags with heads of horns

a magnificent silhouette,

around every corner are flower beds

just bursting with colour

with life,

acres and acres of lawn

scattered with water fountains

a rockery, rose garden

ancient monuments, statues,

a laburnum tunnel, topiary

and an oak tree

planted by Queen Victoria herself,

to name but a few treasures

it has so many more.

It has peace and tranquility

in abundance,

completely isolated, cut off

to the rest of the world it doesn’t exist,

but that’s what makes it special

a wonderful, natural beauty

it’s a place called Ashridge

a place I call home.



  1. avian101

    Nice! Now you just need to commit to that challenge. Inspire yourself with your own achievements and write abut it all. 🙂


    • Ah I will HJ, for sure! Thanks for the read and comment 😀 x


  2. What a great start to this challenge Becky!!

    I love the poem; I can visualise it now too! Is there a family residing in the house? I know nothing about it. Xx


    • Thank you Christine! The house is actually a business college, one of the top ten in the world – on the “Useful Links” page there is a link to the website which has loads more information about the house, and gardens too 😀 x


  3. You go! Will look forward to more. 🙂 You home sounds delightful.


    • Thank you! It is, I’m very lucky to live there 🙂 x


      • You sure are, no wonder you are so grounded. 🙂


  4. 😀 x


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