National Cat Day

I just found out today is National Cat Day, thanks to Tuxedo Sophisticated Cat for the heads up! I couldn’t resist sharing a funny poem I wrote about all of my ten cats, with photos as well of course! It’s called “Cats Like Being Cats”. Hope you enjoy the read! 🙂

national cat day

So I sit here observing all

The kittykat kingdom

Coming and going

Here, there and everywhere

A feline family

Close to me,

You don’t get any weirder than this

You could write a book on each cat

Mind you, they really would love that,

Or maybe a longer than usual poem

Now that’s an idea….


Fatty listening to N-Dubz

Headphones over his ears

Lazing on his sun lounger

Frying himself until he burns

You could mistake him for a roasted marshmallow,

Laid-back, chilling with a G&T

Sipping it from a straw

Relaxing from his usual

Nursery day-care duties

Looking after all the orphaned kittens out there

The Nana Darling of the cat world

Cats like being cats.


Annice applying kohl, black rimming his emo eyes

Preparing for his shift

Down the stripping club Kool Katz

Just about stretching into his silver toned Lycra suit

His gay mate Jozz picking him up in his side-car

I’ve told him he looks like a wally wearing those red

Diamond edged sunglasses

But he doesn’t listen,

Like the time I told him not to get a tattoo of Lily Allen

Shaved into his backside,

Oh well

Cats like being cats.


Dweezil sneaking in the back alley way

She’s just got back from her assignment in the Eastern block

A mean, evil secret agent

But working for MI9 takes its toll

She loves nothing more than killing a few creatures on her days off

As well as keeping the younger generation in line, it’s all kitten play to her,

Those poor defenceless animals don’t stand a chance

One look and they know she’s an assassin,

Being tossed up in the air they die of shock

Seriously, they’re chilled to the bone with her killer laugh

The RSPCA would have a field day

Cats like being cats.


Runty jumping over the hedge

Like a flying tabby flash,

Skitzing around in the kitchen making her daily cracker jack cocktail

She lives off that speed and E,

How else can she stay that skinny

Yet still strong enough to lift that machine gun

And blast all the dogs within twenty miles up in the sky

In between taking drags from her Black Russian fags

Specific timing, three seconds for each puff

She’s crazy but very particular about things like that

Doing everything in fast forward

Cats like being cats.

Tiggy (top) and Runty (bottom)

Tiggy Tiger bouncing by

Replenishing his make-up stand

You’d think a cool dude like him couldn’t be a beautician

How wrong you can be,

He’s a total softie underneath

Whatever you want doing

Manicure, pedicure, highlights in hair

Whitening and straightening of teeth

Annice keeps him busy enough

The outside of his exterior may be edgy and tough

But he can’t do what he does without his jazzy sparkly purple apron…

Cats like being cats.


Fudge, a nutty genius

Likes giving Tiggy a helping hand

But because he’s so popular with all the girls he finds it hard to concentrate

Come on guys, I’m sure you understand,

Playing on his durr, I’m so sweet attitude

Sitting cross-legged on the grass meditating

Forget humming, it’s purring all the way

He always keeps in touch with his inner being

His trademark gold flip-flops

Showing off his yoga toes

Eyes shut, as cool as a cucumber

Cats like being cats.


Weemo pottering around

He’s getting over his traumatic ordeal now

No, I’m not talking about the operation he had done

I’m talking about the major task of his fur growing back

The horror of being bald, it scars you for life you see,

Even though I thought the skinhead number one style quite suited him

He didn’t agree, he’s such a little baby,

Like a big fuzzy polar bear

Soppy and sweet

Taking over my pillow so I now sleep with my head on his

My face vibrating when he purrs like a train

Cats like being cats.

Bonnie (left) and Toto (right)

Toto and Bonnie bounding hither thither

They are the definition of “cats on hot bricks”

Mind you, I think I’d be the same if I was Dweezil’s personal play toy

They both get such a rough time

I recommend them taking up karate

It’d be better than all the hiding and sneaking around

But so long as they avoid their evil aunt, they’re fine

Or when Fatty protects them

I said he looked after the young and needy

Not to mention the minute and weedy,

Toto’s the tiniest of the two

Scrawny and a tad scraggly,

Bonnie that paw bigger

Yet both small enough to pop into your shoe,

Burrowing into your armpits when you’re caught off guard

You’d think their sense of smell would tell them to steer clear for a good 100 yards,

Cheeky twin cherubs, the pair of them

Cats like being cats.


May on guard like a sergeant major

Not letting any animal past

They don’t dare enter her territory anyway

Even Runty wouldn’t dream of giving her a quick blast,

She’s a bouncer in her spare time

Lives outside all the night clubs

Her crown on her head, she’s known as the Queen instead

Gets free drinks in every pub

No one needs to ask her name

She might forget it anyway, she’s going a touch insane

Prowling around, burly and beautiful

Cats like being cats.

cat quote

This is just an ordinary day

A day in the life of the observer,

It’s a mammoth task

Keeping this lot in hand

But so much fun

Seeing them play and polish their guns,

Aww, they’re growing up

Soon they’ll leave the nest and fly….

Seriously, mad scientist Fudge over there

Is designing a rocket cannon

So don’t worry if you see a cat wearing a cloak overhead in the sky

Just look up and say

Hi kittykat, hi!

Ps – if you would like to read about how I came to have so many cats here’s a link to the story “A Tale of Ten Kittykats”



  1. I love your funny cat poem. My favourite is ‘fatty, looking like a ‘toasted marshmallow’! I used to have cats. Sadly my husband is allergic to them, so I enjoy our lovely Border Collies now. -:)


    • Thank you! I am more of a cat than a dog person but it would be nice to take a dog out for a walk as I love a good ramble – that’s one thing you can’t do with a cat! x


  2. I love tour poem Becky! You have quite the kitty family!

    Ive also read your amazing story and left a comment. Wonderful , all of it! Xx


    • It is a big kitty family! I’m glad you enjoyed it and the other post about my cats, thank you! 😀 x


  3. BECKA, I’ve never met a kitty that I didn’t love!
    The word on the streets, laps and wherever else they choose to nap is that everyday is cat day! 🙂
    Loved the poem and HAPPY CHAT (CAT) DAY! x


    • Ah I know what you mean Lea, for me everyday is Cat Day too!! There is a cat that lives two doors down from where I am living at the moment and he loves sunbathing on the steps outside my flat – I want to adopt him! Thanks for commenting and happy Cat Day to you too! 🙂 x


  4. Cats like being cats.

    What a wonderful message and way of seeing yourself. We’d all be better off if we liked being who we are.


    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it 😀 x


  5. Holy Catropolis, Catwoman!! 10 cats! And what a great poem! Dang, I wish I wasn’t allergic, I miss my cat SO MUCH! Thanks for giving me the balm of looking at yours. 🙂 My favorite line: “Prowling around, burly and beautiful/ Cats like being cats,” this is how I remember my cat. Sublime arrogance.


    • Haha I am known as the crazy cat woman, my kitties are my babies!! I’m really glad you enjoyed the poem, and it reminded you of your cat 😀 x


      • LOL, I’m glad you took that the right way. I am deeply admiring. 🙂


      • Lol of course! I take it as a compliment 😉 x


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