Look and See

This is one of those poems I wrote without even realising it, the words just came from nowhere! It’s called “Look and See” I hope you enjoy it and the images as well. 🙂

Sunset silhouette

The first and last moments of a day

are always the most beautiful

they leave an impression

which stays in my mind

anyone who says repetition is boring

has never seen a sunrise.

When I have a hundred and one things to do

it only takes a tiny delight

like a hug from a friend

a kiss behind the ear

a smile from a child

or a gorgeous sunrise

to let me come back to earth

I don’t need to hunt for happiness

when it’s here with me. . .

It’s the simple things

which are the most special,

what we take for granted

is what’s most precious,

we don’t need to trek

up the highest mountain,

sail across the seven seas,

or travel halfway across the world

in search of breathtaking beauty

for the most inspiring

and heart-stopping sights

are always under our noses

and right on our doorstep.

I only have to watch a storm

the onslaught of rain and gales

pure fury slashing through the heavens

and then suddenly, from out of nowhere

comes sunshine.

Hand heart silhouette

Rays of light a gift, a guide

telling us we need the bad times

to appreciate the good

positivity always triumphs

no matter how long it takes,

enjoy what you have

instead of focusing on what you don’t,

you are the most important person in your world

you just need to believe you are.

Life is so precious

hold it, love it, share it

it may not be perfect

but it’s damn good,

someone once said to me

“hold life in your hands

and love in your eyes

have hope in your heart

and happiness will never die”

the only reason we think nature doesn’t speak

is because few people understand

the language of the heart.

If we cared to take a moment

and step back

to appreciate life at our fingertips

we would discover the most amazing things

are within touching distance

don’t just look

but look. . .

look and see.

Henry David Thoreau quote




  1. 5thshadeofmist



  2. Becky this is wonderful. Words straight from the heart! They’re the most valuable. And you are so right, we need look no further than our own “doorstep” for beauty. And when I experience that warm feeling that emanates from appreciating the simple things I know Im in the right place 🙂 xx


    • That’s so true Christine, if I need to ask myself “am I happy?” then I’m probably not – when I am I just feel it, a warm feeling like you say. Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂 x


  3. Fabulous poem Becky, I can tell that you really enjoyed writing this one and it just fowed. I agree that the best things are under our noses! I hope you have a lovely day! 🙂


    • I did enjoy writing this one! I’m glad you agree, thank you for your comment 😀 x


  4. Love the poem Becka and love the quote from HDT! Yet, I know for a fact that Nature speaks. Most are too busy or just not listening. We have to be silent and have an open mind and heart. If you think about it, I am sure you commune with Nature and she hears you. No doubt you hear her as well. 🙂 x


    • It’s another favourite quote of mine! You’re right, I’m surrounded by nature all the time so how could I not communicate with her 🙂 thank you Lea, always! x


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