Each Day

I wrote this poem “Each Day” first thing this morning, it was inspired by the sunrise – you can tell from the photo how beautiful it was. I hope you enjoy the post! 🙂


I heard the shrill, piercing sound

of my alarm clock

penetrating through my dreams

and I didn’t want to wake. . .

I felt the duvet wrapped round me

warm in my cocoon

limbs lifeless, with no will to move,

and then I smelt the fresh air

invading my nostrils

such a clean, pure scent

awakening the senses

and when I opened my eyes

and saw the sunshine

streaming between the crack in the curtains

that’s when I became fully awake

the light seemed to nudge

poke and prod at me

as if telling me something. . .

When the daily grind of life get us down

it’s easy to forget

that each day always has something

to give us

if only we greet it with an open mind

an open heart

and of course

open eyes. . .



  1. Wow Becky this is beautiful!! Both the poem and the photo! What a sunrise that is 🙂

    This poem is just what I needed to help my into my day. I awoke as I sometimes do, feeling grief for the loss of the wonderfully fresh feling I used to have most mornings without even thinkink about them. On mornings like this one today I need to allow myself about an hour of the grief, as my body starts its daily routine very reluctantly, then begin to turn it round and fill myself with appreciation again for another new day. If I dont work at turning it into a positive I will suffer the rest of the day. So thank you for this gorgeous duo of words and imagery to help me realise how wonderful everyrhing is. 🙂 xx


    • Thank you so much Christine, I really appreciate your comment. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live the life you do but you are an amazingly inspirational person despite the grief you go through. 🙂
      I’m so glad this piece spoke to you in the way it did, for people to connect and feel inspired by what I write is the biggest compliment I can receive, so thank you again 😀 x


  2. Lovely and warm as we feel before throwing those covers back. Once the cold hits, it is a bit of a struggle to do just that. However, in the Summer when all is warm, I cannot wait to get up and out to see what awaits me! 🙂 x


    • I know what you mean – I find it much easier to wake in summer rather than winter. . . thank you Lea! 🙂 x


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