Just For Fun – The Final Day

This is my last post in the Just For Fun blog challenge, where did the month go?! I didn’t quite manage to stick to posting a challenge every day but hey ho – nobody’s perfect! I’ve met some other great bloggers whilst doing this, and inspired others to take part in Just For Fun as well – I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to the challenge.

Dream quote

The final question is why do I blog? I first started blogging about 18 months ago, just to see what the attraction was. Loads of people I knew kept blogs and I enjoyed writing so thought I’d give it a go – curiosity was the main reason why I began This and That.

For a good six months I barely had any readers and hardly updated my blog because life was hectic – I was holding down a six day a week job, learning to drive, and dancing for 12 hours a week. At times I thought “why the hell did I start this blog? It’s just an inconvenience!”

Life quote

Then my life changed completely when I started an apprenticeship at the Eden Project last September. I had been applying for horticulture traineeships and apprenticeships since I was sixteen and I had finally been accepted onto a course, at one of the most famous gardens in the UK!

I left home and started my new job, life was busier than ever but the difference was I had never been happier and I think that showed in my writing and the way I wrote posts for my blog. I was sharing my love of life and felt truly passionate about everything I wrote about – I still do!

Happiness quote

This time last year I felt stuck in a rut, just waiting for someone to give me a chance and now I have achieved so many of my dreams and ambitions – I think I must annoy people with how happy I am!

For people to enjoy my posts and to come back to read my blog again and again makes blogging so worthwhile. It is self-satisfying and I get such a buzz from people liking what they read enough to start following me. I have been able to interact with other amazing writers who’s support and encouragement means more to me than anything.

Life quote

The main reason I write is to inspire others, because I wouldn’t be where I am today without knowing as many inspirational people as I do. I thank every one of my bloggers and followers, I hope you continue to enjoy my blog for as long as I do! 🙂

Just For Fun - Blog Challenge



  1. Becky, you have do e a brilliant job with this chalkenge and we all know you a little bit more than we did at the beginning of it!

    You are a bright star! Keep blogging! Xx


  2. Thank you so much Christine, for being such a fantastic blogger and supporter, always! 😀 X


  3. avian101

    So you came to the end of Just for Fun and you did have fun! Congratulations for your achieving your goal! What’s your next challenge? I’m curious to know, any hints? 🙂


    • It was really fun to do, thank you HJ for reading and commenting on the posts in the challenge! Who knows what is next, I might have another challenge up my sleeve in a week or so time 😉 thanks again! x


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