Just For Fun – Day 30

I thought this post was going to consist of a few lines because I barely use make-up – then I remembered I actually have two make-up bags, one for every day and the other I only use when I perform on stage or for dance auditions. The two couldn’t be more contrasting, one holds everything, the other nothing!


1. Eyeshadow – blue, purple, brown, green and grey

2. Eyeliner – black and brow, liquid and pencil!

3. Mascara – brown, blue and black, waterproof and volume!

4. Eyebrow pencil – brown

5. Blusher

6. Highlighter

7. Bronzer

8. Foundation

9. Concealer

10. Pressed powder

11. Lipsticks – bright and dark red, three different shades of pink, and three more subtle beige and browner tones

12. Lipgloss – the same shades which match each lipstick

13. Vaseline – helps to keep body glitter in place!

14. Hairspray – yes this is really in my make-up bag! Once everything is applied to my face I spray a small amount of hairspray over it, which stops it running when the sweating starts.

Every day

1. Concealer

2. Mascara – brown

3. Lipgloss/lip balm!

Just For Fun - Blog Challenge


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