Just For Fun – Day 20

I don’t like to dwell on bad situations or hard and emotional times I’ve experienced because I like to focus on the positive, not the negative. I have had many difficult things to deal with and I’m sure I will have more to come – that’s just called life!

Stronger quote

Whether it is something down to your own doing or an event that you are powerless to change so long as you get through it and survive in one piece you can pick yourself up, dust yourself down and move on. I am a firm believer of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

Experiences are what matures us, not the amount of birthdays a person has had – it’s part of growing up. It didn’t take me long to realise everything happens for a reason but also to grasp the simple reality that shit just happens!

Shit happens quote

Here’s a poem I wrote when I was going through a particularly bad time, called “It’s Funny.” I haven’t re-read it for years but it still speaks volumes to me now as it did when I was sixteen. I hope you like it. 🙂

It’s funny

what gets you thinking,

what sends

your mind spinning,

It’s funny what sparks

what kick starts

what sows that tiny, little seed

and sets it growing

roots embedded in your heart

nestled deep.

It’s funny what triggers

a memory

what it stirs in your head,

feelings you remember

ones you thought which were dead

rear bolt upright again

and remind you how much you once bled.

It’s funny

what swings your mood

what makes you happy

what puts you right off your food,

It’s funny which face

can drain your body dry

of all fluid

so there’s no tears to even cry.

It’s funny what moments

envelope your mind

and capture your imagination,

what hopes you can find

what hurt singes you blind,

It’s funny how the past

what you thought you’d left behind

can catch you up

and trip you up

throwing you off course

time after time.

It’s funny

how it’s not funny at all

how it’s meant to be weird

like that old fashioned word

eerily queer

like your hair bristling on end

from plain fear.

But you know what’s funniest of all….

how no matter how many times you fall

you don’t stay there, down on the ground

you pick yourself up

dust yourself down

stand up tall

and stand your ground.

You become resilient

you become tough,

you become strong

you become your own boss.

It’s funny how you change

change on the outside,

change your attitude

change since you cried.

It’s funny how you remember the bad

far more than the good

it’s funny how the negative always springs to mind

it’s funny how all those situations you go through

just make you kind.

Empathic, sympathetic,

a comforting ear

you can console

and leave others feeling warm

not cold,

you let them know

there’s nothing to fear

you give them a smile

you give them a squeeze,

you give them something more

you give them something to believe.

You give them a promise

a promise you’ll always keep,

a promise to remember what set your mind racing

what made your own roots grow so deep.

It’s a promise to understand

that what you go through makes you who you are

every burn mark, every scar

it’s contributed to who you are,

it’s a fact

a fact of life,

that to every bit of dark out there

there’s always the same amount

if not more

of light.

Just For Fun - Blog Challenge



  1. You have a wonderfully mature perspective Lauren, especially to say this was written when you were even younger! Its a rare quality.



    • *Becky! Thank you Christine, most of my writing is about giving my emotions a voice so I’m really glad you like it 😀 x


  2. Love the way you write things. Very nice read. Love the poem at the end.


    • Thank you for your lovely words! I appreciate the read and comment 😀 x


  3. Great poem and outlook =]


  4. Another inspiring poem! We do need to think and find the funny in the our moments of hard times. I truly believe laughter is one of the best medicines in life! 🙂


    • I couldn’t agree more, as the saying goes there is always a silver lining to every cloud 🙂 thank you Donna! x


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