Just For Fun – Day 19

The only collection I have is books, lots and lots of books!! I taught myself to read when I was three years old and have been collecting them ever since. I would go through phases of only wanting books by a certain author so I would spend ages hunting online, in second hand bookshops, car boot and jumble sales.

I have over a hundred books by Enid Blyton, most of them first edition, all the Jacqueline Wilson ones, a vast array of poetry books, an even bigger selection of plant books, love and romantic novels, horror stories, dance books mainly on ballet, non-fiction ones about science, history, geography and English, and many more.

I only have a tiny bookcase as tall as my waist in my room at my student accommodation in Cornwall. At home in Devon I have three six foot tall bookcases and loads dotted randomly around the room. One day when I get a place of my own it will definitely have a library! 🙂

Just For Fun - Blog Challenge



  1. And what better things to collect than books!!

    I remember our youngest daughter being “hooked” on Jacqueline Wilson books. All our three children have been bookworms and early readers. My very favourite part of bringing them all up was reading to them from a very early age, particularly the bedtime stories, very precious times indeed. And now I get to do it all over again with the next generation. Only this morning, three new books arrived from Amazon, that I bought for grandchildren to read when they visit.. I get quite carried away!

    I feel sad for children who are deprived of that precious start in life.

    You always seem to get me reminiscing ! 🙂



  2. There is nothing better to collect, I agree with you Christine! It must be lovely to share your love of reading to your children and now your grandchildren, my favourite thing to do with both my parents was let them read to me – it is precious indeed. Thank you for commenting, always! 😀 x


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