Follow The Stars

It was a magical evening last night, the whole sky was clear as far as my eye could see. I could just make out the moon as a faint crescent, with the stars as pinpricks surrounding him. Here’s a poem I wrote inspired by the night in general, it’s called “Follow the Stars”. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Moon and stars

The moon


at an askew

quirky angle

much like

the arched back

of a cat

lazily stretching

after a nap.

Forget Orion’s Belt

and the Big Dipper

I can almost see

a trail

of pawprints

lighting up

the sky


like stardust

before dispersing

into darkness

gazing at me

with that appraising

unnerving stare

teasing, calling

as if saying

follow me

if you dare. . .

I act on the urge

motivated by the moon

spurred on by the stars

my eyes gleaming

with the same

intense light

shining out

so powerful

so bright.

I close my eyes

belief my new sight

if you follow your heart

you won’t go wrong,

 and if you follow the stars

 you will become one.



  1. A nice sparkle of words…..Love the picture of moon….Keep writing !!
    Do check me out at


    • Thank you for checking out my blog and taking the time to read and comment, I appreciate it! I’ll be taking a look at your blog for sure 🙂 thanks again! x


  2. Beautiful Becky. Keep following your stars!


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