Just For Fun – Day 15

Well I’m sure this is going to be a riveting read for you all, a timeline of my very exciting Sunday – here goes!

9.30am – woke up after a lovely lie-in, and said good morning to all my cats.

9.45am – fed Monty, the family horse, his breakfast of hay and a carrot.

10.00am – had my own breakfast of peanut butter on toast, while listening to Heart FM.

10.45am – got myself ready for some serious gardening, by doing pre-op checks on a strimmer and getting into the correct safety gear.

11.00am – spent nearly 4 hours strimming my parent’s garden and field, I couldn’t have picked a nicer day to do it!

2.45pm – cleared up all my grass mess and changed out of safety gear into clean clothes.

3.00pm – sat outside in the sunshine whilst having a well deserved late lunch, of two double-decker sandwiches and a mega packet of crisps!

3.45pm – had a shower and hair-wash, and put some washing on.

5.00pm – gave my brother his card and present, and ate a piece of cake with him, as it’s his birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES!!

6.15pm – fed Monty his dinner, hay again!

6.30pm – checked my emails, messed around on Facebook and watched a few episodes of Corrie on iplayer.

8.00pm – had a family dinner of leftover fried rice with an assortment of vegetables.

8.30pm – checked out my favourite blogs and wrote this post.

9.00pm – now it’s time for me to go to bed, as I have a very early start tomorrow morning. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my day! 🙂

Just For Fun - Blog Challenge



  1. Sounds like a good Subday to me. And how lovely to have a family horse! And what a lovely name Mobty! Give him a cuddle from me. 🙂 x


    • He is so sweet, a massive horse but a real gentle giant! Thank you Christine 😀 x


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