Just For Fun – Day 14

I never enter the lottery so this is a proper “what if” challenge for me. . . if, by some miracle, the situation ever occurred I would::

1. Buy a better car – I do a lot of driving so a bigger, comfier car would be top of the list!

2. Give some winnings to my parents so they could pay off the morgage on their house.

3. Travel – I would love to visit Europe and Australia/New Zealand as well as America and Canada. Basically a world-wide travelling adventure would be ideal!

4. Save the rest!

I wouldn’t do anything drastic like quit my job or buy a mansion, because I just don’t need anything to make my life any better than what it is at the moment. I already feel like the richest person alive because I have the most precious thing money can’t buy – happiness. 🙂

Just For Fun - Blog Challenge



  1. A lovely post of gratitude for what you have Becky 🙂

    I would welcome a win too, to give to my children all starting out in a world so different and more financially stretching than it was for us. But alas,like you, I have never bought a ticket! Xx!


    • It would help if we bought tickets wouldn’t it 😉 Thank you for your thoughts Christine! x


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