Just For Fun – Day 13

My earliest memories are of sounds more than anything else – my mum was a musician so the one thing I remember clearly right from the start of my childhood is the sound of her voice. She was classically trained and sings like an angel, even to this day – just think of Eva Cassidy with the same beautiful, rich tone.

It wasn’t so much the words as the melody, I would have nightmares and all mum had to do was softly sing a lullaby to soothe me back to sleep. It never passed onto me however, when I try to sing it just sounds like a cat being sat on. . . and believe me, I know! 🙂

Just For Fun - Blog Challenge



  1. What a great memory to have!
    I think my singing would drive the most patient listener away! My mum, bless her lovely heart, had many attributes but singing in tune wasn’t one of them and I have inherited that from her! I have also inherited some of her many skills though. 🙂

    I feel like I am really getting to know you with this fun challenge! 🙂



  2. It is a great memory, even when she sings now it still reminds me of my childhood. It’s always interesting to see what we end up inheriting (or not, as the case sometimes is!) from our parents 😀 thank you Christine, as always – I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts from this challenge! x


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