Just For Fun – Day 8

To be honest I barely use a handbag, just my backpack for work. It has all my gardening gear in it (secateurs, sharpening stone, folding saw and waterproof jacket and trousers) as well as:

Just For Fun - Blog Challenge

1. Notebook

2. Hairbrush

3. Pens

4. Mp3 player

5. Purse

6. Camera

7. Calculator

8. Spare tampons

9. Paracetamol tablets

10. Keys

11. Lunchbox

If I go out anywhere else I take the minimal with me, which is usually:

1. Purse

2. Camera

3. Mp3 player

4. Lipgloss

5. Keys

My pockets always have hair clips and random receipts in them, it’s where I normally keep my mobile as well. If I ever go out in a skirt or dress I feel naked with no pockets to stuff things into! I like to travel light 🙂



  1. Hi Becky.

    Your handbag is very interesting! And it made me smile, as I think about the fact that my tampon days are well and truly over!!! Thank goodness. .i guess its one of the perks of being older!!



  2. Ah I bet that’s a blessing in disguise! Thank you for always reading my posts Christine! 🙂 x


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