Just For Fun – Day 6

This is an easy one! My 5 senses right now are:

Just For Fun - Blog Challenge

1. Sight – I can see my computer screen in front of me, which is decorated with about a dozen post-it-notes. Yes that is my way of making sure I don’t forget things!

2. Smell – I’m in my bedroom so the only thing I can really smell is the scent of Nivea moisturiser I just put on my face.

3. Sound – right now I’m listening to an album I just downloaded, Sam & Dave’s Greatest Hits, I’m A Soul Man!

4. Taste – the after taste of minty fresh toothpaste is lingering in my mouth at the moment.

5. Touch – I’m tapping the keyboard as I type this post, my bum is perched on a chair and my legs are crossed underneath me.

I’ve also decided to include a poem I wrote shortly after my nan died. I read it through a few days ago and realised I included the five senses in it without knowing it at the time. It’s called “Sugar-Frosting Effect” I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Grass stiff and hard

each blade stands erect,

soldiers in camouflage with silver helmets

a sugar frosting effect.

Footsteps crunch but don’t mark

the twinkling, winking ground,

they hasten up the sleet stone steps indoors

now only silence echoes round.

A finger strokes wooden altars

polished until they shine,

a grieving mind wanders

becoming lost amongst past times.

A warm, musty smell

rises from a book,

a heart senses the presence

without having to look.

Sunshine dances and sparkles

through rainbow stained windows,

eyes are dazzled by being inside a giant kaleidoscope

jewel colours dapple and glow.

Holy joys fill the silence

distant voices herald and protect,

whilst a weary body slowly sinks into a pew

tasting tears salty and wet.

Then I start to sing a sweet morning song

there is hope left,

and for a moment somebody smiles and listens. . .

It must be that sugar frosting effect.



  1. Lovely poem Becky!


  2. Thank you, glad you like it! 🙂 x


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