Just For Fun – Day 5

This is a tricky challenge for me, because I love music of any kind – if I can dance to it then chances are I’ll like it! Here are 10 songs I love at the moment, as well as my 10 favourite musicians. What’s the point of rules if you can’t bend them a little. . . 😉

Just For Fun - Blog Challenge


1. Waiting All Night by Rudimental – I didn’t get this song when I first heard it then I watched the video and suddenly it took on a whole new meaning. . .

2. Wild by Jessie J – the latest song from Jessie J, she’s awesome! I’m going to see her perform at the Eden Project’s annual music sessions in a month’s time – I can’t wait 😀

3. Let Her Go by Passenger – I just love the lyrics in this one.

4. Drinking From the Bottle by Calvin Harris – the best dance track, I’ve choreographed an urban/street style routine to it.

5. 22 by Taylor Swift – there isn’t a song by Taylor Swift that I don’t like.

6. Are We All We Are by Pink – Pink is a legend, there’s nothing else to say!

7. Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls – I’ve heard loads of different versions of this but I still come back to it for the lyrics in particular.

8. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman – as soon as I heard it I couldn’t get it out of my head.

9. Little Talks by Of Monsters And Men – I love singing along to this!

10. Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars – I’ve done a great tap dance routine to this one!


1. Ludovico Einaudi – I’ve danced contemporary/ballet solos to his music many times before, I manage to get emotional simply by performing to his songs.

2. Caro Emerald – she is such an awesome jazz singer, her songs are so catchy with a brilliant beat. The best tunes for tap-dancing!

3. Enya – Another classical artist I adore.

4. Pink – I think I love her attitude and general personality as much as her music, it would be fantastic to see her perform live.

5. Adele – what can I say, there’s a reason everyone has heard of her – she has a voice like liquid gold, literally.

6. Jessie J – one word, YEAH!

7. The Beatles – the ultimate band of all time, I grew up listening to their music. I know most of their songs off by heart!

8. Taylor Swift – another pop artist who’s music I love and identify with.

9. Andrea Bocelli – his voice never fails to move me to tears.

10. Edvard Grieg – one of the best composers ever, in my opinion. Another reason to be proud to be Norwegian!



  1. Variety is the spice of life! Great tastes in music =]


    • Thanks for reading and commenting, glad you agree! 🙂 x



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