Just For Fun – Day 2

It’s time for 20 facts about little old me, yay! I think only my best friend knows all of the following so be prepared to be amazed. . . 🙂

Just For Fun - Blog Challenge

1. My name is Becky Cross, everyone knows me as Becky/Bex. However not many people know that my full name is Rebecca Anne Askedal Threlfall Cross!

2. I am half-Norwegian, inherited from my dad. About sixty percent of my family lives in Norway, in Kristiansand, Vennesla and Oslo, which is always a good excuse for a holiday.

3. I’m 5 foot 8 inches tall, with size 5 feet. All the best dancers have small feet though!

4. I have a photographic memory, which can be a blessing and a curse!

5. My birth sign is Virgo and my rising sign is Scorpio.

6. I have double-jointed shoulders. When I was younger I could clasp my hands, swing my arms over my head and jump through them, like a skipping rope. It was a good party trick!

7. I have a really young-looking face which makes people think I’m in my mid teens, not nearly twenty. It annoys me sometimes but in ten years time I’m sure I’ll be happy about it!

8. When I’m not in gardening gear I live in joggers and hoodies. I’ve recently had my hair cut short so now get mistaken for a bloke more than ever!

9. I love chick flicks, especially the whole Sex & the City series. And the Bridget Jones films, the Princess Diaries, Bride Wars, Mean Girls, How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days. . . you get the idea!

10. I’ve studied dance since I was seven years old (ballet, tap, contemporary, modern and Greek). Ballet is my favourite form of dance, I started in Grade 1 and progressed over the years to Advanced 1. Although it’s not what I want to do as a career it will always be a passion of mine, the same as writing.

11. I taught myself to read and write when I was three years old. I didn’t know I was writing poetry until my parents read some of my poems a few years later!

12. I love the moon – you may already know that if you’ve read any of my moon poems!

13. I have a stammer which caused huge problems for me when I was younger, by being bullied among other things. I worked through it with support from family and friends but it still creeps up on me sometimes, especially when I’m feeling nervous or shy.

14. I have two older brothers so am technically the baby of the family but have always felt more like a big sister to them. They’ve both had to deal with difficult periods in their lives so I’m extremely protective and look out for them, always.

15. I used to compete in triathlons, which is an athletic discipline consisting of shooting, swimming and running. Shooting was my favourite part of it, I was the Junior Champion for Devon and Cornwall when I was thirteen! I still have an air pistol, air rifle and spring-loaded rifle which I use for target and clay-pigeon shooting in my spare time.

16. I have ten cats called May, Dweezil, Runty, Tiggy, Annice, Fudge, Fatty Boom Boom, Weemo, Toto and Bonnie. They are my babies!!

17. I enjoy photography, taking photos as well as marvelling at other people’s work. Most often I take pictures of nature, which then inspires a poem or two. It’s the one thing which never fails to make me write.

18. I actually love cooking, anything from roast dinners to pastries and cakes. My mum is the most amazing cook in the world, that’s definitely where I get my skills from. My dad can just about boil an egg, bless him!!

19. I’ve had the same mobile phone for seven years, an old LG clamshell which is the height of vintage. . . when I can afford to upgrade I don’t know if I should chuck it away or donate it to a museum!

20. Over the past couple of years my life has suddenly accelerated and gone in the direction I’ve always wanted it to go. I’ve gone from working at my local garden nursery to having a job at the Eden Project, the eighth wonder of the world. I have a job lined up with the Professional Gardener’s Guild which lasts for three years, it’s safe to say I’m at one of the most exciting and happiest times of my life to date. I’m just glad I can share it with everyone! 🙂



  1. 10 cats Wow! How do you remember all their names?


  2. I don’t know to be honest, I just know them off by heart! Thank you for reading and commenting 😀 x


  3. Wow Becky, you are quite a woman! (i actually would rather say “girl”! I call all females girls!!) but I didnt want to offend you, particularly since you have done more and come further in your so far short life than many do in a lot of years.

    I admire you very much.

    Christine xx


  4. Thank you Christine, that means a lot. I think I just don’t realise what I’ve achieved in my life so far, because I’m always too busy moving onto the next thing. . . lol 🙂 x
    Ps – I don’t get offended being called a girl – I’ve been called worse!


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