Just For Fun – Day 1

I’ve decided to participate in the: Just For Fun – 31 Day Blog Challenge. It will not only force me to update my blog daily but I’m hoping it will be a fun way to learn more about other bloggers and for others to find out more about me! Just For Fun - Blog ChallengeDay 1 asks for an introduction and recent photo, so for those of you who don’t know me my name is Becky, I’m 19 years old and come from Devon, England.

I love horticulture and am on a year’s apprenticeship at the Eden Project in Cornwall which is where I am currently living. Plants are my main passion along with writing, photography and any form of dance! I have ten cats, two brothers and the best parents in the world. Me and my Dad!It’s Father’s Day at the weekend and thought it fitting to share this shot, where I’m with my dad in one of his favourite gardens. He’s one in a million, I couldn’t be prouder to be his daughter.

Let me know if you’re taking part in this blog challenge, I’d love to hear from you 😀



  1. Hi Becky!

    This is a goreous photo of you and your dad.

    Good luck with this challenge; I am looking forward to reading more! Not sure I would have the discipline to do it! 🙂



    • Hi Christine! Thank you for reading and commenting, I’ve already missed two days of the challenge so my bad. . . what was I saying about writing every day?! lol 🙂 x


  2. I love the idea of this challenge! Hmm, maybe I should join in …

    I live in England too and I was down at the Eden Project just a couple of weeks ago! Your apprenticeship sounds really interesting.

    Good luck with your 31 days! 🙂


  3. It’s a fun challenge to do, and I’ve only done a day of it! That is a coincidence, do you live near Cornwall? Eden is definitely worth visiting so I’m glad you’ve been 😀
    Thank you for the read! 🙂 x


  4. SO GLAD you’re doing this challenge!!! I really hope you enjoy it! 🙂


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