Loving Summer

The past couple of days have been beautiful, it’s been lovely seeing the sun from the moment I wake up until I go to bed. The sudden warm weather sparked inspiration and got me thinking about summer, and everything I love about it. . . this is called “Loving Summer”. I hope you enjoy the read 🙂

 Sun bleached hair

with barely there make-up

ice cream, barbecues

running round without any shoes,

driving with the window down

and the music turned up

Glastonbury, straw hats

and parties in beach huts,

picnics, Pimms

strappy sandals and fruit smoothies

getting together with your friends

and acting out Grease the movie,

the coconut smell of sun cream

going perfectly with oversized shades

waxing, swimming in the sea

drinking ice-laden lemonade,

bare legs, no more goosebumps

strapless dresses and freshly cut grass

butterflies which land on your shoulder

that are gone, as soon as the sun’s passed,

painting toenails, moisturising feet

reading outside then falling asleep

corn on the cob, camping

a cool breeze on a warm day,

being able to go outside without a coat

seeing skies blue, not grey

patterned wellies, splashing in puddles

topless guys who give you cuddles,

tennis, cricket, no more thermals

the longer, lingering daylight hours

wandering round your garden and sniffing

all the scented flowers,

sitting outside way after sunset

having water fights and getting soaking wet

sand between your toes, floaty skirts

halter-neck tops and loose white shirts,

strawberries and cream, pale skin tinted gold

sprigs of mint floating in tap water

fanning yourself in the sunshine

and turning down your collar,

hair-wraps, long walks in cool woods

swapping bras for boob tubes

flip-flops, skinny dipping

exiling socks and sucking ice cubes,

sleeping with your window open

and lying in bed on cotton sheets

peaches, watermelons, throwing frisbees

seeing the sky haze from pure heat,

welcoming the return of freckles

as if they’re long-lost friends

spending all day in your bikini

surfing, three day weekends,

crisp lettuce, sparkling wine

eating fresh tomatoes straight from the vine

the hum of lawn mowers, temporary tattoos

feeling flirty with a cocktail, relaxed attitudes,

watching the stars come out at night

family holidays, spotting hot air balloons

no more school, drooling over half-naked men

those short showers that are like mini monsoons,

making bubbles, blowing kisses

listening to Bob Marley, the Beach Boys,

salads, food on sticks

dancing to faraway festival noise

it’s everything I love about summer

laughing for no reason, raising glasses together

friends, family, fun, what could be better

here’s to summer

forever. . .



  1. Beautiful evocation of summer. I love the contrast between the beach and the garden, I can feel the warmth of summer and enjoy that glass of wine!


  2. Thank you 🙂 It’s a shame the weather has now taken a turn for the worst, the rain has returned. . . I hope summer comes back again! 🙂 x


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