NaPoWriMo – Day 14

This is a pretty long poem, probably one of the longest I’ve ever written in fact! But once I was on the subject of happiness I just couldn’t stop writing. . . For Day 14 of NaPoWriMo this is “Happiness Is”. I hope you enjoy the read 🙂

Happiness is hearing my cats purr

when they see me first thing in the morning,

as soon as I stretch, I hear them sigh

the most soothing sound in the world

Happiness is feeling soft fleecy fur

rubbing against the back of my hand

they’re as pleased to see me

as I am to see them,

Happiness is knowing

they’re happy too.

Happiness is going to the cupboard

opening it and seeing

a great slab of chocolate cake

in all its glory

calling out, teasing

eat me

Happiness is sinking your teeth

into the springy substance

and feeling the toffee sauce

oozing round your mouth

savouring every last morsel

just because you can.

Happiness is pure contentedness

lounging on a settee

on a cold, mid winter’s evening

with a warm drink and a hottie

with no need to venture outside again,

having all the time in the world

to let the hot fuzz heat your insides

and gradually lull you to sleep.

Happiness is having my mind filled with magic

ideas and thoughts

moments and memories

darting round my brain like drunken bees

shrieking and shrieking, WRITE!

Happiness is feeling

I have all the inspiration I need

to face blank pages and scribble into a frenzy

until I fall asleep from creative exhaustion

with no more poetic constipation

to keep me awake at night,

Happiness is knowing

I’ve given my words

a voice.

Happiness is finding someone the perfect present

and wrapping it up specially

with tissue paper

finished with a bow,

all the while imagining them opening their gift

knowing their face will be

a picture of pure joy

as soon as they see what it is.

Happiness is knowing

you’ve managed to make someone

as happy as you.

Happiness is waking up early

for no reason at all

peeking at the sun over my pillow

scrunching my toes in bliss,

the knowledge slowly dawning on me

I don’t have to get up just yet

because today is Sunday

duvet day.

Happiness is spending a day

with my friends

it doesn’t matter if we do nothing

or everything

so long as we’re together

chocolate, laughter and fun

are guaranteed

Happiness is knowing

it’s not about the place

it’s about the people.

Happiness is trying on a dress

one of those proper

swishy frocks with underskirts

that spin out in a circle when you twirl round,

feeling like a princess

before you’ve even looked in the mirror

and, when you do,

not worrying about

how big your bum looks

or if your tum sticks out

Happiness is feeling beautiful

from the inside out,

it bubbles underneath the surface

until it can’t contain itself

and bursts through

then you can’t help but notice

the beauty

look at me, I’m radiant

I’m beautiful,

Happiness is loving, loving yourself

for who you are.

Happiness is acceptance

not questioning or searching

for what you think you don’t have

but looking around and believing

you have all you need

right here, right now,

Happiness is focusing

on this moment alone,

because it could turn out to be

the best moment of your life,

Happiness is loving

loving, loving your life.

Happiness is made

from all the best feelings there are

love, joy

excitement, amazement


it can last for a fleeting minute

or stay with you forever,

Happiness is always with you

the shadow to moods,

it tickles the surface

sometimes hiding, waiting

for the moment to show itself

to shine,

and when it does


it’s so spectacular

it knocks everything else away.

Happiness is knowing

you could become happy

at any second

if you let yourself,

Happiness is wherever you find it

depending on how hard you look

on what you choose to see,

and it’s taken me a while to realise

Happiness is whatever

you want it to be.


What are your thoughts?

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