NaPoWriMo – Day 13

So it’s Day 13 of NaPoWriMo, and certainly not unlucky for me! Here is a quick poem inspired by this evening’s sunset, it was so wonderful – the perfect end to a beautiful day. My camera was out of battery otherwise I would have snapped a shot of it, of course! Hopefully these words will help you imagine it in your mind though. It’s called “The Whisper of the World”. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

It was the softest sunset

I had ever seen,

there were no fiery reds

dramatic pinks, or vivid oranges

just gentle shades of yellow

like warm honey

and butter

melting over the horizon,

slowly spreading amongst

the creamiest of clouds

adorning everything below

in a hazey, golden light.

it couldn’t have been

more perfect, more understated,

It was like the world was whispering




breathe. . .

and just for a second

I felt myself smile

just for a moment

I felt at peace.



  1. Beautiful.


  2. I love sunsets. Thanks for sharing this one with us.


    • So do I! I can still remember this sunset now in my minds’ eye. . . Thank you for looking back in the archives and commenting on this one 😀 x


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