NaPoWriMo – Day 12

I can’t believe there are only four more days of NaPoWriMo to go – even though I only started it two weeks ago I don’t know what I’ll do with myself on the 1st May! For Day 12 this is a positive poem called “Small Things”. Some of the descriptions are personal to me but I still hope you can relate to it. . . enjoy! 🙂

Sometimes I forget

that it’s the simple things

which make life beautiful

like my best friend

who never fails to make me smile,

and the Cornish sea

stretching out mile after mile,

or the ruby richness of a rose

when in full bloom

and the sky at night

with the stars and my beloved moon.

Like watching the sun rise

first thing in the morning

and feeling like the only person on earth

witnessing a precious new day dawning,

summer evenings which last forever

or when my hair does what it’s supposed to do

reaching the end of the week

and screaming out “it’s Friday! Wooh wooh!!”

Like hearing my cats purr

it’s music to my ears,

and hugs from my mum

which banish any tears,

writing away until the small hours

burning the midnight oil,

spending all day playing with plants

and ending up with fingernails covered in soil.

Like managing to do four pirouettes in a row

(that’s turns for people who don’t know)

and watching seeds I’ve sown

suddenly start to grow.

Sometimes I forget it’s the small things

which, in the end,

make up the big things,

so when life is being a bugger

I tell it straight to start playing ball,

for no matter how many failures I feel

or knock-backs I receive

I just remember there’s no dream too big

and no dreamer too small. . .



  1. I love it BeckaR…so’s all these little things that make up ‘life’. And I concur, come May 1st, my fingers will yearn for more expression of mind..who knows..maybe I will continue…you know what they say…30 days to form a habit…and I daresay, this is a great one! Thank you for sharing. 🙂


  2. Thank you, I’m glad you can connect with it 🙂 ah I’m with you on that, this is a habit that doesn’t need to be broken! x


  3. A beautiful poem. You’re so right, it is the simple things which make life count. I spend ages just watching a butterfly settling on a flower. Magnificent!


    • Thanks very much, I believe the simple things are what make us all happy in the end! 🙂 x


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