Porthpean Beach

The best thing I love about living in Cornwall is being so close to the sea. I’m spoilt having two beaches within walking distance of my home, not to mention coastal footpaths everywhere in the surrounding area. I don’t just like going to the sea when it’s a typically lovely day. When the weather is bracing and stormy is when I’m drawn even more to it – its power becomes its beauty. PorthpeanPorthpean beach is a mile away and is a favourite of mine to visit. On a clear day you can see the cliffs stretching along the coast to Charlestown Bay, a town famous for its harbour. I visited Porthpean yesterday evening when there was rain in the air and the waves seemed to have a mind of their own. This is my first post for 2013 which has poetry and photography combined – I hope this streak of no writer’s block continues! Hope you enjoy 🙂

The sea

a lubricant

for the imagination

waves chasing each other

playing roly poly

tumbling over

and over

again and again

these aqua acrobatics

a never-ending game.

Slapping themselves onto shore

the foam as creamy, as frothy

as a freshly made latte

leaving patterns in the sand

similar to fish scales

drawing images so abstract

so beautiful

yet remaining for only a few seconds

before being washed clean away

by the same waves who made the beach

a living, breathing canvas.

The tide rolls further in

softly, like a slow dance

lyrical and hypnotic in movement

almost too precious

too mesmerizing

to be seen by the human eye,

if only I could chasse

as smoothly as the sea.

I inhale and feel salt on my breath

stinging the back of my throat

my face covered in a fine mist

as the wind sprays more in my face

it’s as if I have been covered

in a thousand, tiny kisses.

With skin still fresh and tingling

I take one last look and retreat

for I fear if I linger for much longer

I won’t be able to leave,

no sooner have I made my tracks

than they are taken away

my footprints now merely

shadows in the sand.



  1. Love the sea, and actually live quite close, love the poem! I’m happy to hear that things are going so well. Bon courage et bonne chance!


  2. Thank you Lea, it’s good to hear you love the sea as much as I do! 🙂


  3. avian101

    It’s nice to hear from you Becky, I’m glad that you’re doing well. Enjoy your life my dear! 🙂 Great landscape by the way! 🙂


    • Many thanks HJ, I do love my life in Cornwall! 🙂 x


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