Last week was such a roller coaster I barely had chance to think before my head was spinning again. I received the best news of my life and had a crap situation to deal with as well. Thankfully on this occasion the good outshone the bad! Royal Botanic Gardens, KewThe really amazing, shocking, unbelievable news is I have an interview for the diploma course I applied for, at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. OMFG WTF YAY YAY YAY – That is exactly what went through my head when  I first found out the news!!

Five days later and I still can’t quite believe it – it’s how I felt when I knew I had an interview for the Eden Project. First come the feelings of disbelief, then total, pure, unconditional joy followed closely by realisation and panic, along the lines of “oh help, what have I let myself in for?!”

Kew IconWhat is making me shit myself even more (strong but true) is the fact the interview is nearly three hours long – yes, 3 Hours! I have an hour long practical test, an hour long interview and a 30 minute written test. It makes my half-an-hour only interview for Eden seem a doddle in comparison!

If the interview process alone wasn’t daunting enough add the fact I have never been to London before and it makes for one very nervous person. The one thing which is reassuring me is my colleague and good friend Neville Evans also has an interview on the same day, for the same course! To know there will be a mate around is going to be the only thing calming me down on the day (and probably the only thing stopping me from running away!).

As if my news wasn’t enough to keep me on cloud nine, my best friend, Sophie, also had some equally wonderful news. On Valentine’s Day her boyfriend of nearly two years proposed to her – and she said yes!! Another OMG moment! There was also another surprise which I knew about previously but which they announced together with the engagement – they are having a baby! Sophie and her fiancée, Alex

Talk about a double-whammy for their families, I bet this has been the best week of their lives as well. So not only will I be a Maid of Honour, by September I am also going to be a Godmother – could life get any better?! I can’t tell you how happy I am for them, they were made for each other and deserve their happiness more than most. The saying is right, good news always comes in threes!

The only thing which put a downer on my week was my car breaking down – yes, the one thing which I use daily and is essential to keeping my life functioning decided to have an OMG moment of its own!

Me and my best friend, Sophie

The clutch went as I was driving home from college on Friday evening, luckily I managed to get it into an Asda car-park where I could wait until the AA collected it and took it to a garage.

Nev came to my rescue again and acted like my chauffeur for the weekend, which I couldn’t thank him enough for – he is like a ginger version of superman!!

Once my car is fixed I will be feeling normal again – hopefully I won’t have a heart attack when I hear how much it has cost. It feels like I have lost a limb without my little Ka!
Me and Nev!

I hope this week will be less eventful than the last, not that I don’t love good news but it would be nice to have time for it all to sink in. . .

Until next time: appreciate everything, regret nothing.



  1. Great post Becky! You’re ending thought says it all. 🙂


  2. Becky, congrats on getting the opportunity to interview! Wishing you good luck. 🙂


    • Thank you, I need all the luck I can get! Thanks again 🙂 x



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