2012 – What a Year!

I wanted my last post for this year to sum up 2012 as a whole, and I think this image does it. This is a photo I took of the sun setting over Eden one evening just as I was finishing work. Seeing it on my screen doesn’t do it justice, the second I saw the sky blazing as though it was on fire I went “wow”. It looked like the Northern Lights had come to Cornwall! Sunset of 2012 That moment was amazing, mesmerizing, magical, beautiful, surreal, breath-taking, unbelievable and inspiring – all words which I could use to describe what this past year has been like for me. I’ve been in a production with the English Youth Ballet, learnt to drive and passed my driving test, won an apprenticeship at the Eden Project, left home for the first time and started this blog!

When I look back to this time last year I was clueless to what 2012 would bring – if you had told me then what I knew now I would have laughed in your face! I feel proud of myself for having achieved so much, and turning my life, at times unexpectedly, in the direction my dreams always wished to go.
I hope 2012 has been as great a year for you all as it has been for me – here’s hoping 2013 is another wonderful year to remember. . .

I’d like to say thank you to my fellow bloggers and readers, your lovely comments and encouragement is what inspires me to post more every time 🙂  There’s only one thing left to say – Happy New Year!


What are your thoughts?

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