Autumn Colours

Autumn – my favourite season by far. There’s something about the change in the weather, the shift in nature, which grabs my attention more than any other time of the year. Even the sun seems more beautiful than ever, some of the intensest sunsets I’ve seen have been in October/November.

To me there’s a warm comfort about autumn, the time when I relax down after the general hive of activity in spring and summer. It’s as if everything is having one last moment of splendour before winter comes along and wraps us up in long, cold, grey days. . . autumn is easily my inspiration for this post!

I had a walk round Eden yesterday morning, just as dawn was breaking, and took some shots which I’ve included in this post. The poem was written shortly after – enjoy! 🙂

Don’t you just love

going for a walk

a bracing, autumnal walk,

the second I step outside

I feel the fresh, crisp air

slapping me in the face

flooding into my lungs,

I can’t help feeling energised, revived

it’s what autumn does to me

a poor man

couldn’t feel richer. . .

Wherever I go

I see the trees

screaming at me

bursting with a euphony

all of their own

reds, yellows

deep deep orange


looking more colourful

than any other time of the year,

every branch seems inflamed


I can’t get my head around

such beauty.


the breeze begins to lift

stirring leaves from the canopies above

if I close my eyes

I can mistake their touch

for the sense of softly falling snow. . .


It makes me cry

to think this

the richest season of all

will soon be over,

a few months from now

the trees will be standing naked

wearing only frost

as attire

and I’ll be inside

by the hearth

feeling too cold to venture outdoors,

but still having these

the best memories of all

to keep me warm. . .



  1. avian101

    Bravo Becky! You describe Autumn and the friendly trees perfectly! I love trees very much!
    Very nice poem! 🙂


  2. Thank you HJ! Trees are one of my favourite natural beauties, I’m glad you think I did them justice in this post – thanks again! 🙂 ♥


  3. Lovely autumnal images. I’ve been enjoying the autumn colours on my early morning walks to work and keeping meaning to take a camera along to snap them!


  4. Thank you! I have to confess it was only by chance I had my camera on me, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to capture these shots! 🙂 ♥


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