Flowers – I love them. Even though I’m surrounded by them all the time (I work on a garden nursery) I never get tired of their variety or beauty. I have so many favourite flowers that I could go on all day about them but this post is about the wild flowers I’m lucky enough to have growing in the countryside where I live.

Once spring gets in full swing I hardly ever have a camera out of my hand, as there’s so many amazing sights to capture. As well as the wild flowers you can see I’ve included some shots of trees I have growing in my garden – the laburnum tree is my favourite!

Each picture also has a haiku (a little poem) accompanying it – I’ve said it before, I think poetry and photography are a classic combination. I hope you enjoy! 🙂


Petite white flowers

Petals like small umbrellas

Against spring showers.

Japanese Camellia

Trees of blood red buds

An unmissable colour

The rose of winter. 


Bright orange trumpets

With striking yellow petals

Flowers of smiles.


Creamy yellow blooms

Heart-shaped and heavenly

My favourite flowers.

Pink Primroses

Pale pink clusters

Next to their yellow sisters

A beauty combined.


Dainty mauve heads

Dots of purple in hedgerows

Couldn’t be cuter!


Branches of yellow

With blossoms like Chinese bells

Flowers for Easter.


Pure white and orange

The poached egg daffodils

Dainty narcissus.


Plants which have blossom

As lovely as their seed pods

The flowers of truth.


Perfect bell-like heads

Just like purple pixie hats

A sight to behold.

Red Campions

Such pretty flowers

Found in woodlands with bluebells

Think purple and pink.


Tall with bright pink blooms

So deadly but beautiful

Heaven for bees.


Dreadlocks of yellow

Shining golden in sunlight

Just mesmerizing. 


An infectious scent

The simplest of roses

A wild beauty.



  1. avian101

    They’re all beautiful flowers Becky, as are your words for the haiku that accompany them!
    You’ve done a terrific work for this post! Kudos! 🙂


    • Thank you HJ! This post took a while to compose, but it was worth it – thanks again! 🙂 ♥


  2. What a great idea: Beautiful flowers as the inspiration for some very nice haiku. 🙂


    • Thank you, flowers never fail to inspire me! 🙂 ♥


  3. Lovely! I especially enjoyed the Daffodils. They were my grandmother’s favourite. She was from Cardiff and had a wonderful smile. 🙂


    • Thank you Lea! Daffs are lovely, I think they are the cheeriest of flowers 🙂 I can see why your grandmother loved them so much! ♥


  4. All lovely captures, great composition, Becky!


    • Thank you Donna, I’m glad you like them! 😀 ♥


  5. Great Haikus to compliment your lovely photos. I love the butterfly on the snowdrops. Snowdrops are one of my favourite flowers.


    • Thank you, haikus are one of my favourite forms of poetry. The shot of the butterfly on the snowdrops was pure luck, it was sunbathing long enough for me to get a photo! Thanks again 🙂 x


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