BTEC Dance Show: The Show Must Go On

I had the best time I’ve had in a long time last Friday, because I went to see my friends perform in a dance show at KEVICC in Totnes – called “The Show Must Go On”. It was a performance put on by everyone who is on the BTEC dance course at Totnes School of Dance, and as most of my friends are on the course I came along to support them. It felt very strange being on the other side of the fence, I’m so used to taking part in shows that being in the audience was a completely alien experience to me – as soon as the music started I wanted to get up and join in!

I watched the show with my mum and my friend’s boyfriend and her family – Sophie is like a sister to me and as it was her final year in BTEC it was even more of a big event for her. I’m glad to say the Year 13’s had the best routines throughout the entire show! Thirty five dances were performed in three hours, and overall it was a good production. Some performances were a tad dodgier than others(!) but the majority of the show was worth seeing. I’ve listed below the dances which stood out for me:

First Half

Opening Film: This was an urban dance routine filmed on location at Totnes train station and played at the very start of the show. It got everyone in the mood for a night of dance, especially Sophie who had a close-up in the film! Unfortunately no photos were allowed to be taken of the show, as a professional photographer was taking pictures which were going on sale afterwards but you’ll see throughout this post I’ve managed to include shots of some of the dances which I copied from Facebook.

Hello Group: I really liked the idea behind the choreography for this dance, it was a contemporary ballet piece danced to “Hello” by Martin Solveig & Dragonette. There was a bar set up at the back of the stage and everyone in the routine looked like they were on a night out having a good time. The moves were fun and flirty and complimented the costumes – the boys wore quirky suits, and the girls were in vibrant colour block dresses. It was a routine which brightened up the whole show!

Year 10 Burlesque: When I first read this in the programme my immediate thought was “oh no”. Usually most burlesque routines go over the top and look like something you’d find in a lap dancing club – something which I’ve witnessed before in previous BTEC dance shows! But I’m glad to say this routine wasn’t like that at all, it was the Year 10s interpretation of burlesque and was tastefully done. The girls wore little red dresses with fishnet tights, and the choreography was cheeky, not tarty. For the youngest year in BTEC they did a good job, I was pleasantly surprised at how well they did.

Year 13 Tap: This routine was by far the best dance in the first half, maybe even the whole show – it was a classic case of saving the best til last! It was danced to “We Speak No Americano” by Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup – I find doing tap at a normal pace hard, let alone to a fast speed like that. Everyone wore black and white stripy tops and black leggings so the whole routine had a Parisian feel to it. It was slick, snappy and seriously fun to watch, my personal favourite dance out of the whole show.

Second Half

Fosse: This routine was inspired by Chicago, hence the name (anyone who hasn’t heard of Bob Fosse needs to look him up now!) and was a great opener for the second half. There were jazz hands and jammy smiles, with clever choreography that was executed superbly. The costumes were cool, black shoes with a kitten heel, and black waistcoats/corsets over a leotard and tights. As far as clean routines go it was close to the tap number mentioned earlier.

Year 13 Lyrical: This piece gave me a chance to catch my breath, after some pretty manic modern routines it was nice to have a moment of repose and sit back and watch pure, beautiful dance. The girls wore floaty blue tunics and danced a series of athletic moves surprisingly gracefully – knee drops and back bends onto the floor and lifting and catching each other in mid air to name a few. With slow routines it’s easier to spot mistakes and therefore harder to make it look smooth and fluid, which is exactly what this dance was – seamless.

Year 12 Commercial: In the words of Sophie’s little brother “it was like Pirates of the Caribbean” and I have to say I agree with him – the only thing missing was Johnny Depp! Everyone wore black, with rips and tears in the costumes from top to bottom – I don’t know if it was intentional or not but they all looked like tribal warriors. They were shouting, head-banging and rolling around on the floor like demented animals – the energy they had was phenomenal and translated straight into us, the audience. It was the best dance in the show as far as performance and acting skills were concerned!

Year 12 Ballet: This routine was my favourite ballet dance out of the whole show, it was simple but extremely effective – like the Year 13 Lyrical it was a calming contrast compared to the modern pieces before it. Girls wore mint green leotards with matching wrap-around skirts and boys wore tie-dye unitards in the same colour. The technique was strong and the lifts were difficult but looked so easy – they flowed from one move to the next so the whole group was dancing in unison. It was a piece I would have loved to dance myself!

Finale: A finale can make or break a production, it’s the last thing an audience sees so is the last thing which is remembered about the show – it has to be as good and to have had as much thought put into it as every other routine throughout the show. For a BTEC finale it was good! The dancers came on stage in their year groups, then everyone came on together to do a fast and furious number to the soundtrack of Footloose. Everyone in the audience was clapping and cheering along, it was a great number which ended the show on a high.

As you can tell it was a fantastic night, which showcased most of the BTEC talent brilliantly. I’m glad to say my friends taking part enjoyed it as much as I did – all I can say is roll on next year!



  1. avian101

    From what I can see and read on your narrative. It was a fun show, filled with vibrant energy. I’m glad that you liked it, as you said, you felt like jumping on the stage and performing. maybe next year you might be part of it and I would later see your face in the photographs! Very nice Becky, thank you for sharing! 🙂


  2. Thank you for your comment HJ, it was a great show and a great night! Thanks again 😀 ♥


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