English Youth Ballet

In February I had an audition with the English Youth Ballet, to try and get a place to perform in their production of Giselle. Unfortunately I didn’t get chosen there and then, which was a shame but as it was the first audition I had ever done I hadn’t been expecting to get a place. I was put on the reserve list, in case people dropped out, and low and behold I received a call last week saying there was a place for me, if I wanted it. I was stunned to be honest, I didn’t think any places would become available seeing as it was such a brilliant opportunity for any dancer – shock soon turned to delight though!

Rehearsals start tomorrow and go into Saturday and Sunday – then continue throughout every weekend in May until the production itself.

I’m really excited and am looking forward to it – I can’t wait to get started. I’m also feeling nervous however, I’ve never worked with a professional dance company before so the whole thing is a little daunting. The fact I didn’t get in on my own merit and was a second choice is adding to my apprehension too – I feel I have more to prove to the directors and choreographers that they made the right decision in giving me a place. I’m going to have to dance my socks off in order to do that!

I’ll keep you all updated on how things go, hopefully this experience will be one I’ll never forget! 🙂



  1. avian101

    Good luck Becky! 🙂


  2. Do your best and dance those socks off Becky! 🙂 Best of luck and most importantly, have fun!!


    • Thank you Donna 😀 so far it’s been great! ♥


  3. Jacqueline

    You will love it! My daughter has just finished a production of Swan lake with them. She got in as a reserve this year and ended up getting an excellent part. Enjoy 🙂


    • Hi Jacqueline, thank you for your comment – I’m glad your daughter had the opportunity to dance with EYB and enjoyed it so much. I hope I do the same! 😀 ♥


  4. Becky, congratulations! What an exciting opportunity! I’m sure they wouldn’t have asked you to join them if they weren’t confident that you’d perform beautifully.


    • Thank you so much for your comment, I hope I do dance it beautifully! 🙂 ♥


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