Moon Antics

If you read my first post “Moonstruck” then you’ll know I’m slightly obsessed with the moon – in a good way! He made an appearance last night, shortly after the most amazing sunset I’ve seen so far this year – I live near Dartmoor and the skies are beautiful at this time of year.

I took shots of both scenes, and wrote a poem inspired by yesterday’s beauty – it’s called the Eye of the World:

I saw him tonight

the eye of the world

he was poised so perfectly

a crescent of beauty


he looked like a white flame

nestled on a slow burn

with a haze surrounding him

making his arch of sharpness

seem all the more defined.

I’d love to pluck him from the sky

and wear him as my only diamond

polished, with a hint of rough

yet somehow he seems

perfection itself

I love how this always happens

my mind wandering and

poetry forming. . .

for as long as I live

I hope the night

will always be an open book

with the moon its spine

and the stars all the words in between

with the sky my pot of ink

waiting for the touch of my hand

for inspiration to remain as endless

as the darkness before me

for as long as I live,

for as long as I breathe,

may life always be my dream. . .



  1. WELCOME! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and like the pictures I post during my retirement years.



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