A Night Like This

Here’s a poem fresh from my thoughts, inspired by exactly what it says. . . A night like this:

Some nights are simple


not out of the ordinary

but other nights

are bespoke; are his

are wholly, completely his

like tonight

the sky has a shimmer

a certain shade about it

the whole atmosphere changes

as if saying look


here I am

see me

feel me

touch me

become me. . .

and I do

call me weak

a fool

but I do

how can I not

fall in love with his beauty

even more so because he makes it this beauty

our beauty

and I,

I’m a part of that beauty.

I know he has a name


but it doesn’t do him justice

he’s my god

I worship him,

I see him looking swollen

as if he’s about to burst with pride

and I wouldn’t blame him if he did

I’d be proud if I was him

if I could be the reason

for the change in the air

when it feels like you’re breathing in ice

that kind of sharpness

which cures all lethargy


if I could make that

bottle it, keep it

I’d never be weary again.

Nights like this energise me

to the core

they’re full of zest, of zeal

of verve, of vigour

all words I don’t really know the meaning of

but which feel right

which jump off the tongue

like they have to be said

and I think they do

some words should be written

others need to be spoken

but the rest have to be let go

shouted, screamed,

sung from hills, rooftops

until they take on a form of their own

and are their own beings

with their own meanings

ready to soar into the wide world

and inspire. . .

That’s what I want my words to do

I don’t want them to just be mine

to stay scribbled on a scrap of paper

or typed and saved on a hard disc

what use are they there?

I want them to be yours, ours

for them to go and infest

the furthest corners of your mind

itching and irritating your imagination

until WHAM!

One day you get hit

clean from behind

I bet you won’t see it coming

I definitely didn’t,

it all started on a night like this

which turned into a write like this

the most amazing thing of all being

I never imagined life could be

as bright as this. . .


What are your thoughts?

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