NaPoWriMo Day 20 – Waves of Time

The thing I miss the most about living in Cornwall is the sea. Until I moved to Hertfordshire I didn’t realise how lucky I was to have a beach on my doorstep – one of the first things I did when I went home for the Easter holidays was have a paddle in the sea! This poem is called “Waves of Time”, I hope you enjoy the read – and Happy Easter! :)

It always brings me back

draws my gaze unlike any other,

piercing, captivating my mind

right between the eyes.

Blowing past the insignificance

teasing me inward,

knowing I’ll come calling

when all I can see

is it.

I stiffen my back to the slaughtering gale

a stone wall undefeated,

it traps itself in my mind

it won’t let go

forcing itself upon every corner

battling my wits, I unwillingly struggle

but don’t let go,

I see the world

and I, so small

a single grain of sand

lost within a beach.

This sea right here

howling my name

its hypnotic feel

spellbinding touch,

here I stand, amidst its isolation

and I hear it call again,

feeding off the loneliness

thoughts of trickery abound

stealing not only a mind, a heart,

but my smile brings a welcome sound

as I taste victory mingled with brine….

its echo carried forever

on the waves of time.


NaPoWriMo Day 19 – My Mad Moment of Happiness

For day 19 this is a poem about exactly what it says it is – a mad moment of happiness! I love times like this when I feel as carefree as I did when I was a kid – as the saying goes, life is the best drug to get high on. . . :)

Warm, rich sunshine
bleaching my soul
immersing all darkness in light
bright, loving light,

damp grass tickling my palms
I lean back and gaze
into the eternal blue sea-scape above.

I see something glinting at me
from the corner of my eye
a little piece of love
left on its own

I place it in my palm and blow gently
letting it drift off and find someone
who needs love in their life.

Throwing my head back
I smile for no reason
wondering if astronauts or aliens up in space
will get a shock when they look across at Earth
and see a row of crooked teeth
sticking out on that vague, invisible island
in the shape of a big grin,

but I don’t mind
joy as plentiful as the laughter in my heart.

Suddenly feeling an urge I can’t control
I turn on my side
and roll over and over down the grassy bank
a giggle escaping from my lips
causing birds to alarmingly twitter,

I land in a dishevelled heap on my back
twigs in my hair but I don’t care
for I feel like a child again

spreading hope, not hate
my thoughts blue, not black,

my fantasies, my visions
my dreams of the world still wonderfully


NaPoWriMo Day 18 – How To Tell When You’re Getting Old

My gran is the inspiration behind this poem, I saw her the other day for the first time since I went home for Christmas. I forgot what a wicked sense of humour she has, she may be old but she has the sharpest and quickest wit of anyone half her age!

Please don’t feel offended after reading “How To Tell When You’re Getting Old”, I wrote it purely as a light-hearted, humorous piece – nothing to be taken seriously! I hope you see the funny side. :)

Here are a few ways

To put your mind at rest

To reassure yourself you are certainly not old

Even if you’re blind, mad and deaf.

When your investment in health insurance

Is finally beginning to pay off,

And when in winter you permanently

Have a runny nose and a dry cough.

When people ring you at ten in the morning

And say, “Did I wake you?”

When you go shopping and every other person you see

Wants you to buy their Big Issue.

When people think the sun on your bifocals

Is a twinkle in your eyes,

And when your supply of brain cells

Is finally down to a manageable size.

When the pharmacist has become

Your new best friend,

When if a pen is on the floor

You find out that downwards you really can’t bend.

When there’s nothing left to learn the hard way,

And the nearest thing you get to a thrill of pleasure

Is getting your doctor to tell you not to do something

Just so you can disobey, and think you’re clever.

When you come to the conclusion

That your worst enemy is gravity,

When you can’t understand why everyone calls it the loo

When its proper name is the lavatory.

When you give up trying to hold your stomach in

No matter who walks into the room,

When the highlight of your day becomes watching the news

Just so you can see all the doom and gloom.

When you wonder how you could be over the hill

When you don’t even remember being on top of it,

And when you find yourself acquiring an unhealthy taste

For funeral music.

When the only things you can eat are so soft

That you’re able to cut them with a spoon,

And when you’re not even aiming to have a lie-in

You still wake up at noon.

When your ears are hairier

Than your head,

When you start to look forward to

Life after being dead.

When you have a party

And the neighbours don’t even realise it,

They only loud thing they hear happening

Is everyone falling over doing the Hokey Cokey

Failing to balance on their walking sticks.

When it takes longer to rest

Than it did to get tired in the first place,

When, instead of using the scraper to get ice off the car,

You use it to smooth out the creases on your face.

When your childhood toys

Are now in a museum,

When you ask about the chances of getting a hot date

And the answer is a definite “Dream on!”

When you confuse having a clear conscience

With a bad memory,

When you think you see a ghost from your past

But really your glasses have steamed up

Making everything misty.

It doesn’t matter what age you are

Just how you feel in your heart,

Young in the mind

And everywhere else

Because growing old gracefully

(However much disgracefully)

Is an art!


NaPoWriMo Day 17 – I’d Give Anything

This is one of those random writes that came out of nowhere, I hope you enjoy more of my rambling thoughts. . .! :)

Clouds spread across

a rippling blue pool

they’re the lily pads

of the sky.

I’d give anything

to be up there

and leapfrog my way

to freedom,

I’d jump so high

I’d kiss the sky

and land in the crescent of the moon

I’d swing in my hammock

safe in his smiling frame

and watch the sun set. . .

Stray threads of gold stain the seascape

like arms reaching out

to catch shooting stars,

I’d give anything

to make a wish

a wish that came true

I’d give anything

for those golden hands to reach out

and lift me up

into that pool of blue. . .


NaPoWriMo Day 16 – This Time of Year

Here’s another spring poem for day 16, we’re over halfway through NaPoWriMo – the end is in sight! :D

I love this time of year

we’re living in a world

of colour

a cloak of emerald grass

coated in freshly fallen raindrops,

with more about to gently cascade

from the cauliflower clouds

drifting in bunches across the sky.

Suddenly I can see

a few bruised blueberry dots

standing out amongst the rest of the

tissue-touched swirls,

trees meet to make

an awning overhead

I hear the soft patter of watery feet

against the leafy umbrellas

and I see the sunshine sparkling

over this shower of diamonds

falling as angel’s tears,

it’s no wonder I love

this time of year.


NaPoWriMo Day 15 – Never Before

I’m at home in Cornwall for the Easter week, I forgot how much wetter the weather is in the south west compared to Hertfordshire! It inspired this poem, for day 15 of NaPoWriMo this is “Never Before”. :)

Rain shooting down

being spat from the sky

spittle flying from a pair of furious lips

thunder tumbling round

as a war-raging cry

the earth erupting

as if battling with itself

I’ve never heard it roar

with passion

with power

I’ve never felt the air shake

tremble with fury before

I’ve never tasted the foam from its mouth

I’ve never seen it tear up the landscape

or seen the winds slash and soar

I’ve never stood still

in the middle of a storm

out of sheer awe

I’ve never seen it look

so dangerous

so beautiful

I never thought

it could open my eyes so wide

I never imagined

I’d see the world like this

so alive.


Heads up!

This is just a heads up to let my readers know I am on holiday for a week. So far I am managing to keep up to date with the NaPoWriMo challenge, fingers crossed it stays that way!

I’m looking forward to catching up with fellow bloggers posts after the weekend, until then I hope you all have a very happy Easter. :D

NaPoWriMo Day 14 – If Only

The inspiration behind this poem wasn’t just the moon for a change(!) it was the night itself. I hope you enjoy the read. :)

It makes my knees buckle

from underneath me

if only I could

capture this air

this startling, night air

and stopper it up

full in my lungs


It makes my heart stop beating

and gasp

if only I could

steal the stars straight from the sky

they have the same sparkle in them

as your eyes.

It makes my mind freeze

in awe

if only I could

take the lunar light

pour it into a cup then drink

and down every last drop.

It makes me listen

to sounds which I can’t hear

and it makes me feel

things which I thought weren’t there. . .

If only I could

hug the night

squeeze it, hold it tight,

if only I could

go to sleep on a cloud

and wake up gazing far beyond

what I thought I could see

if only. . .

If only everyone knew

the world is so much more

than anyone imagines it to be.


NaPoWriMo Day 13 – Between Seasons

For day 13 here is a poem about the joys of spring – enjoy! :)

Don’t you just love
the transition between seasons
when you start to spot
the subtle changes in the air,

from the moment I see
bright green buds
studding every branch

to little catkins lining them underneath
dreadlocks swaying in a soft breeze,

and little crocus heads
peeping out above the ground
like this is the first breath they’ve taken
since winter began

I know spring
is right around the corner. . .

Suddenly I’m hit
a slap in the face
I’ve been woken up from the zombie slumber
the cold months put me in

and now I’m viewing the world in HD
everything in high definition
from the second I step outside
colours seem to pop at me,

jewel tones a blaze, the sapphire sky
and emerald leaves adorning every tree

with the sun the fieriest red
I’ve ever seen

surely if rubies could bleed
this is what they would look like.

It stains my room every morning
seeping through windows, invading my dreams
shaking away sleep,

it’s as if in every way imaginable
nature is screaming at me
saying wake up, look up
take notice of me. . .

don’t worry, I say outloud
you’ve got my attention
and always will,

I see the beauty every day
your beauty,
my beauty,
the beauty of the world.


NaPoWriMo Day 12 – There’s Only One Moon

This poem is a result of the moon inspiring me again, I wonder if the day will come when I run out of things to say about him. . . let’s hope it never does! I hope you enjoy the read. :)

I’m restless tonight
I can’t settle
I have this energy
buzzing inside me

a bit like an itch
I can’t get rid of.

It makes me want to do crazy things
like dance in the dark

who wouldn’t want to spin in the moonlight
the night my stage
clouds parting as if to say
curtain’s up. . .

With the stars as my audience
going on and on
hundreds and thousands
an endless twinkling void

with the moon the biggest
the brightest
of them all.

Shining round and whole
setting the spotlight for me,

what I wouldn’t give
to leap from barefeet

jete across the night sky
silhouetted in his light
as one flowing acre
limbs stretched out as wings
to fly

fly and land in the centre
of his shining, smiling face,

to feel his skin beneath my own flesh
I imagine it would be smooth, soft

there’s life underneath the surface
a heart which beats
as the rhythm of the earth

a soul which sings
as the tune of nature

he’s alive
so very alive.

He puts life
into the world

he gives it
to me, you

I feel it, every night
I breathe it in
I keep it
and let it grow inside me

until I have so much
it spills out
and spirals up
up up and away

nothing can beat
my love, his love
this love
for life,

there’s nothing else which does it like him
for me there’s no comparison
there’s only one moon.



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